10 Lines on Sawan

Sawan, a month of beliefs and prayers that Lord Shiv will end up all the problems related to human life. The willingness to health, wealth, and prosperity and for the blessings of Lord Shiva people celebrates the very famous month of Shravan. In north India, people celebrate the month of Shravan as a month of Lord Shiva.

They show devotion to Lord Shiva and pray to him for self-happiness and prosperity. Let’s know about some facts related to the month of Shravan.

Ten Lines on Shrawan Month in English

Set 1

1Sawan is one of the most sacred months according to the Hindu Scriptures.

2) The name Sawan is clearly mentioning that this falls under the month of Shravan.

3) The Shravan marks the time when the sun enters the Leo zodiac according to Hinduism.

4) Many rituals and ceremonies are performed during the month of Sawan.

5) Lord Shiva is worshipped and hailed in the month of Sawan.

6) Milk, flowers, and honey are offered to Lord Shiva.

7) People carry holy Ganga water to please Lord Shiva

8) In the month of Sawan, Samundra Manthan took place.

9) Lord Shiva drank Halala, a poisonous element that came out of the manthan.

10) The poison was so dangerous that it started affecting the universe as soon it came out.

Set 2

1) On the very first day of Shravan month people use to visit the temple early morning.

2) People offer milk, Ganga water, sweets and Dhatura to lord Shiva.

3) Poojas like Rudra Abhishek is conducted by devotees.

4) Devotees hold fasts on Mondays to convince Lord Shiva.

5) The fast can be of 2 types- Full or Partial.

6) People seek blessings from Lord Shiva by offering him Bel Leaves and other stuffs.

7) There is an annual pilgrimage called “Kanwad Yatra that takes place every year.

8) Kanwar yatra has people who travel distances to offer holy Ganga water to Lord Shiva.

9) Worship of Lord Shiva is considered to be very fruitful.

10) Festivals like Nagpanchami, Rakshabandhan and Janmashtami fall in this month.

Sawan is an auspicious month for all the Hindus; they celebrate the month of Sawan as a festival. This month is auspicious because it witnessed some auspicious occasion in history. According to Hindu belief, it is believed that in the month of Sawan, Mother Parvati did hard penance to get Lord Shiva as her husband, due to which Bholenath accepted her as his wife and married her. Thus, it is believed that Shiv bhakti has immense power to change one’s life.