10 Lines on Importance of Kanwar Jal Abhishek

It is written in different texts that Rudra is present in the soul of all the deities. Rudra means Shiva, and all the gods are the souls of Rudra. ‘Ved: Shiva: Shiva: Veda:’ means Veda is Shiva and Shiva is Veda. According to Sri Linga Purana, Brahma resides in the root of Shivling, Lord Vishnu of the three worlds in the middle and Mahadev Rudra Sadashiv resides in the upper part.

The altar of Shivling is Mahadevi Ambika, she is full of all the three gunas (Sat, Raja, Tama). The creature who worships the Shivling with that altar gets the grace of Shiva-Parvati easily. In the worship of Shivling, anointing with any pilgrimage water, seawater, Gangajal is very dear to Shiva, but the consecration of Lord Bholenath through Gangajal is considered to be the best. It is believed that Shiva worship performed in the month of Sawan gives immediate auspicious results. Behind this is the boon of Shiva himself. Chanting Shiva Ji in Sawan will free you from all diseases and defects. Here are some facts about kaawad Jal Abhishek.

Ten Lines on Importance of Kawad Jal Abhishek in English

Set 1

1) Kanwad Jalabhishek is a part of Kanwad Yatra that takes place in the month of Sawan.

2) The journey starts from the full moon of the month of Ashadha. Water is poured on Shivling throughout the month of monsoon.

3) Devotees carry a kanwar and wear clad to cover the distance and offer Holy Ganga water.

4) Offering Ganga water pleases Lord Shiva as he consumed poison.

5) It is believed that the poison came out during the churning of the ocean in the month of Sawan.

6) The poison started affecting the world and Lord Shiva.

7) After consuming the poison, Lord Bholnath came to be called Neelkanth.

8) The world was saved by consuming poison, but Lord Shiva’s body started burning.

9) Seeing the effects, the gods started offering water to him.

10) People from this belief offer Jal to Shivling and worship Lord shiva.

Set 2

1) Ravana carried holy Ganga water to offer lord Shiva as its effect was still affecting the World.

2) The hunter got rid of the sin and got blessings from the lord shiva for his further life.

3) There are many beliefs associated with Jal Abhishek.

4) Kawar yatra and jalabhisek is important for the “kaanwadiyas”.

5) According to kawariya is a form of diversion of mind.

6) Kanwariyas chant Bol Bam on their way to the destination.

7) The incident of Samudra Manthan and the drinking of poison took place in the month of Sawan.

8) A very famous story on a hunter is related to the Jal Abhishek of Lord Shiva in Sawan.

9) There are some auspicious dates that mark the beginning of the journey to Kavad.

10) With the water, devotees also offer Bel leaves and Dhatura to Lord Shiva.

There are different beliefs on every other festival of India. Kavad people consider it an auspicious date to start their journey. Before going on the journey, the position of the moon is analyzed. For example, the sign in the direction you want to travel should be favorable. The Moon sign will be auspicious on the right side of the direction. The Moon sign on the left is usually inauspicious and causes trouble. Overall it is a month of beliefs, prayer, and devotion for lord shiva which is performed by lacs of Shiva devotees.