10 Lines on International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples

The International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples is celebrated as an appreciation event for the contributions of Indigenous people in our world. Those people who belong to their native places and did not get imperialized from other cultures are indigenous peoples. They take care of their cultures and are committed to protect the environment.

To celebrate their deed, United Nations have marked a day for them. To understand the importance of Indigenous people and significance of their day here are 10 lines mentioned below.

Ten Lines on International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples in English

Set 1

1) The International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples marks the date of 9th August.

2) The day is meant to raise awareness about indigenous peoples and protect their rights.

3) The indigenous people are native people who belong to different ethnic groups.

4) The indigenous peoples get colonized by other ethnic groups.

5) The day has the history way back to December 1994.

6) It was announced by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

7) Around 470 million indigenous people are currently present around the world in 90 countries.

8) The day is celebrated with a theme every year.

9) The theme for 2021 was “Leaving no one behind: Indigenous people and the call for a new social contract.

10) The importance of this theme is to encourage societies about the Indigenous people.

Set 2

1) The International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples enlightens people to treat indigenous people as stakeholders.

2) To recognize the importance of Indigenous people, from 1995-2004 International Decade of the World’s Indigenous people was celebrated.

3) About 2700 indigenous languages were on the verge of becoming extinct in 2016.

4) 2019 was marked as the International Year for Indigenous languages by United Nations.

5) Indigenous people cover 6.2 percent of the world’s population.

6) It is considered that one indigenous language dies every 2 weeks.

7) Many indigenous people live in the worst poverty, which is about the 3 times of extreme poverty.

8) The declaration of Rights of Indigenous people deals with the discrimination against Indigenous women.

9) The indigenous communities always oblige themselves to protect and care for the environment.

10) Approximately 55 trillion metric tonnes of tropical forest carbon are stored in their forests.

The indigenous people are a vital part of the world. From saving cultures to protecting the environment, these people turned out to be an inspiration. Nowadays, they are not quite safe due to changing cultures or because of imperialism. We must understand that these people are important both culturally and naturally and we must save them.