10 Lines on Khudiram Bose

Khudiram Bose was a revolutionary freedom fighter who fought for the struggle for Indian independence till his last breath. While killing a British official named judge Kingsford, he was arrested and executed; Khudiram Bose was of only 19 years of age when he was executed. Khudiram Bose was of revolutionary nature since childhood. During his schooldays, he came into contact with other revolutionary freedom fighter and decided to be like them.

After meeting Barindra Kumar Ghosh, he decided to be a part of the revolutionary activities and earlier he was arrested by distributing the magazines exposing the Britishers.

Ten Lines on Khudiram Bose in English

We have provided ten lines on Khudiram Bose in English for class 3, class 4, class 5, class 6, etc. After reading these few special lines you will know that who is Khudiram Bose, what was nature of Khudiram Bose, where Khudiram Bose was born, which organization did Khudiram Bose joined, with whom Khudiram Bose met in the beginning, when Khudiram Bose died etc.

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10 Lines on Khudiram Bose – Set 1

1) Khudiram Bose was a revolutionary freedom fighter of the Indian freedom struggle.

2) Khudiram Bose was the youngest martyr among all the freedom revolutionaries.

3) Khudiram Bose was born on 3rd December 1889 at Midnapore in West Bengal.

4) Khudiram Bose joined ‘Anushilan Samiti’ and there met Barindra Kumar Ghosh.

5) Khudiram became a volunteer and was arrested while distributing the pamphlets.

6) Later Khudiram joined ‘Jugantar’ and became a revolutionary activist with others.

7) At the age of 16, Bose left a bomb near the police station premises to target police.

8) On 13th April 1908, Khudiram Bose planned to kill chief magistrate Kingsford.

9) While killing Kingsford, unfortunately, a British lady with her child was killed.

10) Khudiram Bose was executed on 11th August 1908, facing the trial of the bombing.

We have provided another set of ten facts on Khudiram Bose for class 9, class 10, class 11, class 12. After going through these important points you will find that what was the age of Khudiram Bose when he was executed, where Khudiram Bose was born, who the parents of Khudiram Bose were, which magazine did Khudiram Bose were sold, where Khudiram Bose took admission etc.

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10 Lines on Khudiram Bose – Set 2

1) KhudiramBose was one of the revolutionary freedom fighters who died at an early age while fighting for the freedom struggle of India.

2) Khudiram Bose was such a revolutionary that when he was arrested and executed after facing the trials of bombings, his age was merely 19 years.

3) Khudiram Bose was born in Habibpur village of Midnapore district, West Bengal, his father was ‘Trailokyanath Bose’ and mother was ‘Lakshmi Priya Devi’.

4) When Khudiram Bose was 6 years old, he lost his mother and next year he lost his father, Khudiram Bose was brought up in his elder sister’s home.

5) Khudiram Bose took admission in Tamluk’s Hamilton high school; Khudiram joined ‘Anushilan Samiti’ and came in touch with Barindra Kumar Ghosh.

6) In 1906, when Khudiram Bose started distributing a revolutionary magazine ‘Sonar Bangla’ he was immediately arrested by British police.

7) After getting released from jail, Khudiram got involved with the secret revolutionaries to kill Kingsford, the British judge who was doing injustice with Indians.

8) Since the judge Kingsford was transferred to Muzaffarpur, Khudiram Bose with his Colleague Prafulla Chaki left for there to kill Kingsford.

9) On 30th April 1908, Khudiram Bose killed a British lady and her child travelling in a phaeton by mistakenly identifying as Kingsford.

10) Khudiram was arrested after doing so, he faced a severe trial and was awarded death punishment, Khudiram was hanged till death on 11th August 1908.

Ten Lines on Khudiram Bose have been provided below that describes the character, life and work of a fierce revolutionary of Indian freedom movement. After going through these points you will know about him in brief. These facts will memorize the days when Indian people were striving to gain independence from the British rule in India.

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10 Lines on Khudiram Bose – Set 3

 1) Khudiram Bose was the most powerful and young revolutionary at the time of independence.

2) At that time, he had included many youth from in freedom campaign and was the inspiration for the youth.

3) Khudiram Bose was born on 3rd December 1889 in a family of Triloknath Bose and Lakshmipriya Devi in ​​small village Habibpur in Tamluk town of Midnapore district of Bengal.

4) He was praised by all for his efficient leadership and political advice.

5) In 1905, the partition of Bengal was done by the British and a few months later, Khudiram blasted a bomb near the police station of Medinipur.

6) But the police could not arrest him in 1905, the police managed to arrest him 3 years after the incident.

7) He was sentenced to death after convicting him in the bomb blast.

8) He is also called the 'great hero of freedom struggle'.

9) On 11th August 1908, this heroic revolutionary was hanged.

10) At the time of execution he was only 19 years of age.

We are going to provide another set of Ten Lines on Khudiram Bose for the perusal of the avid readers that will emphasise on the life of a fire-brand revolutionary of his time. Through these points we will discuss his work of valour in his tender age that became a source of inspiration for other revolutionaries.

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10 Lines on Khudiram Bose – Set 4

1) Khudiram Bose was one of the youngest revolutionaries of India.

2) In 1902-03, Khudiram Bose decided to take part in the freedom struggle while he was studying in class IX.

3) At that time, Mr. Aurobindo and Sister Nivedita were there to inspire people against British law.

4) Khudiram and Prafulla Chaki were selected to kill magistrate Kingsford of Calcutta.

5) On 30th April 1908, Khudiram Bose and Prafull were waiting for Kingsford outside the European Club around 8.30 P.M.

6) Then Khudiram threw a bomb and fired at the horse-cart in the dark in which his wife and daughter were killed.

7) But the British government placed a reward of 1000 rupees on him.

8) On 1st May 1908, the police arrested him at Oyeni while he was drinking water.

9) He was produced in court on June 1908 and sentenced to death on 13th June.

10) He was hanged on 11th August 1908, at an age of 18 years 8 months and 8 days.

Khudiram Bose was such a daring person that at the age of only 19 years he started carrying out the revolutionary activities; Khudiram Bose was very young in his group of secret revolutionaries. After joining the group he mastered himself in bomb-making and using it successfully.

Khudiram and other revolutionaries decided to kill justice Kingsford for his discriminatory practices of giving judgments, he was transferred to Muzaffarpur but Khudiram also chased him there and made an unsuccessful attempt and got executed.