10 Lines on Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth is one of the most significant festivals for the married women in India. On this occasion, women observe a complete one day fast for having long life and good health of their husband. This is the festival which is mainly celebrated in Punjab and Haryana and other states of northern India.

Nowadays, Karva Chauth is spread to each and every corner of India and celebrated in almost all the states with slightly different customs. Karwa Chauth vrat or fast starts from the dawn and ends in the evening after the moon rise. Married women break their fast after seeing the moon by the hands of their husband.

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Ten Lines on Karva Chauth in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Karwa Chauth in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. These lines will help you in your studies and you can add these lines in your essays and paragraphs writing in exams as well as any school competitions.

10 Lines on Karva Chauth

1) Karwa Chauth is a most important festival in India mainly for the married women.

2) It is a daylong festival celebrated by Hindu women in northern parts of India.

3) Karwa Chauth is mainly a festival of Punjab and Haryana but now celebrated across India.

4) The festival of Karwa Chauth is celebrated in the month of October/November.

5) On Karwa Chauth, married women observe fast for good life and health of their husband.

6) Unmarried women also observe fast for long life and good health of their fiancés.

7) The timing of the moon rise on the day of Karwa Chauth is very important to women.

8) After seeing the full moon through a sieve, the Karwa Chauth fast is considered completed.

9) For breaking the fast, women take a sip of water from the hands of their husband.

10) There is also a tradition to give alms to a Brahmin and married women.

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10 Lines and Sentences on Karva Chauth

1) Karwa Chauth is a one day festival which is celebrated by Hindu women of north India in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, New Delhi etc.

2) Karwa Chauth is also called “Karak Chaturthi” where ‘karak’ means an earthen pot through which women give ‘Arghya’ to the moon.

3) As per Hindu calendar, Karwa Chauth falls on the full moon day the ‘Karthik’ month and in October/November as per the Gregorian calendar.

4) Karwa Chauth is a festival where the married women observe fast for having long life and good health for their husband.

5) Observing fast is the main tradition of Karwa Chauth when married women observe fast for their husband’s longevity and good health.

6) Unmarried girls whose marriage has been fixed also observe Karwa Chauth fast for their fiancé.

7) On Karwa Chauth, newly-wed women receive ‘Sargi’ from her mother-in-law which includes cosmetic materials, pre-dawn meal etc.

8) A few days before Karwa Chauth, married women buy some new ‘Karwas’ and paint it with some beautiful designs and colours from outside.

9) Karwa Chauth starts from dawn and women do not eat anything during the daytime and break her fast only in the evening after seeing the moon.

10) At night, the married women first sees the moon from a sieve or “chalni” and then her husband from the same sieve and then gives “arghya” to the moon.

5 Lines on Karva Chauth

1) 1-day puja for women.

2) It is a fast-based puja.

3) The vrat puja lies in October-November.

4) Originated from Punjab & Haryana.

5) Lord Shiva & Ganesha are worshiped.

20 Lines on Karva Chauth

1) Karva Chauth is a festival of Hindus especially of Hindu married women.

2) According to the Hindu calendar, it is celebrated on the 4th day of full moon in the month of Karthik.

3) The festival of Karva Chauth has mainly originated in the state of Punjab and Haryana.

4) The Hindu women celebrate Karva Chauth having an all day fast for their husband.

5) Karva is a kind of earthen pot that is mainly used for worship during the fast.

6) The fast is especially kept by the women for the good health and prosperity of their husband.

7) The appearance of moon on this day plays a very significant role in making the festival complete.

8) The women break their fast after watching the moon in the sky.

9) Women firstly watch the moon through their ‘Chalni’ and then their husband as a custom.

10) After that they break their fast, drink water and go to have some dinner with their family.

11) Karva Chauth is celebrated in whole India with same zeal and enthusiasm.

12) It is a single day festival in all across the India.

13) According to the Gregorian calendar, it falls in the month of October-November.

14) Karva Chauth is also famous as ‘Karak Chaturthi’ in India.

15) The fast of Karva Chauth is very hard as one cannot drink even a drop of water without completing the fast.

16) The Hindu God ‘Shiva’ and ‘Ganesh’ are worshipped on Karva Chauth.

17) The fast observed is mostly continued for approximately 15 hours of the days.

18) The festival and fast of Karva Chauth must be continued for at least 12 or 16 years.

19) Karva Chauth fast and worship complete only after the moon is seen in the evening.

20) Women gather in the market for shopping some valuable jewelleries and makeup kits.

Karwa Chauth falls on the 4th day of the Karthik month of every year. It is celebrated with much affection and devotion from the married women to their husband. This festival gives a message about the affection and caring attitude of the wife and the husband. With the advent of Bollywood in our life the festival of Karwa Chauth has reached to every home of the country and many movies have also shown this festival with much enthusiasm.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Karva Chauth

Q.1 Why fasting is important during Karva Chauth?

Ans. Fasting is an important part of Karva Chauth and it is believed that fasting on this day will ensure the long life of the husband.

Q.2 Why do women apply mehndi on Karva Chauth?

Ans. Women apply mehndi designs on their hands and feet to seek blessings from the gods. It is believed that the darker the mehndi, the more the gods will bestow their blessings upon the couple.

Q.3 What is Sargi in Karva Chauth?

Ans. Sargi is an important part of Karva Chauth and is gifted by a mother-in-law to her daughter-in-law. It consists of fruits, dry fruits, sweets, and other items.

Q.4 What is the story of Karva Chauth?

Ans. Women who are fasting on Karva Chauth often listen to the story of Queen Veervati’s Karva Chauth Katha.

Q.5 Which religion celebrates Karva Chauth?

Ans. The Hindu ladies of Northern and Western India celebrate Karva Chauth.

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