10 Lines on Dev Deepawali

Dev Deepawali is a Hindu festival of lights but slightly different from Deepawali. It is celebrated after fifteen days of the main festival of Deepawali. Deepawali is celebrated on no-moon day whereas Dev Deepawali is celebrated on the full moon day, Kartik Purnima. Dev Deepawali is celebrated in the holy city of Varanasi only and it is the grand occasion observed throughout the city. DevDeepawali/Tripurotsav/Tripurari Purnima will be Celebrated on Thursday, 18 November 2021.

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Ten Lines on Dev Deepawali/Tripurotsav/Tripurari Purnima 2021 in English

I have brought here some sets of ten lines on Dev Deepawali/Tripurari Purnima and hope it will help you.

Set 1

1) Dev Deepawali is a Hindu festival of light celebrated in Hindu pilgrimage, Varanasi.

2) It is celebrated fifteen days after the main festival of Deepawali.

3) Dev Deepawali is equally celebrated by the Jain as well as the Sikh community.

4) As the name suggests, the festival is related to the Deepawali of Gods or Dev.

5) Dev Deepawali is observed on Purnima (full moon day) in the month of Kartik.

6) The preparations of Dev Deepawali begin from the 11th day of Kartik month.

7) The city of Varanasi gets fuelled with great enthusiasm and excitement in advance.

8) All the Ghats of Varanasi organize various programs of classical dance and music.

9) The last day of the festival is important as all the 88 Ghats are illuminated with lamps.

10) Thousands of local and foreign tourists visit Varanasi, especially for this occasion.

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Set 2

1) Dev Deepawali is celebrated on Kartik Purnima at the Ghats of Varanasi fifteen days after Diwali.

2) The festival of Dev Deepawali is also called as ‘Tripuri Purnima’ or ‘Tripurari Purnima’ celebrated in October/November month.

3) The meaning of Dev Deepawali is Deepawali of the gods when they come to earth to celebrate Deepawali in Varanasi and take a holy dip in Ganga River.

4) The tradition of lighting the lamps during Dev Deepawali was first started in ‘Panchganga Ghat’ in 1985.

5) On the occasion, all the 88 Ghats of Varanasi are well decorated and are enlightened with fixed and floating lamps.

6) Another major attraction on Dev Deepawali is to remember the martyrs at ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti’ at ‘Dashashwamedh Ghat’ during the night.

7) People and security forces officials pay floral homage to the martyrs in the background of the songs of patriotism and nationalism.

8) People from the Jain community also celebrate Kartik Purnima by visiting the pilgrimage city of ‘Palitana’ in Gujarat where the first Tirthankara ‘Adinatha’ meditated.

9) Dev Deepawali is a part of Ganga Mahotsav which is celebrated for five days every year starting from ‘Prabodhini Ekadashi’ to ‘Kartik Purnima’.

10) The festival of Dev Deepawali also has greater importance in the tourist and hospitality industry as tourists across the world visit to witness this gala event.

Set 3

1) Dev Deepawali is a Hindu festival celebrated after 15 days of Deepawali/Diwali.

2) The ‘Poornima’ (full moon day) of Karthik month in Hindu calendar is the day for Dev Deepawali to be celebrated.

3) Dev Deepawali is the celebration of defeat of demon ‘Tripurasur’ by the Lord Vishnu.

4) It is believed that on Dev Deepawali, the God visits the earth and takes a dip in the holy river of Ganga.

5) The people decorate the Ghats and their houses with beautiful oil lamps.

6) The bath in the River Ganga on this day is must for everyone.

7) The Dev Deepawali is celebrated in the same way as the Diwali is celebrated.

8) People decorate their houses with garlands and Rangoli to make it look beautiful.

9) Children celebrate by cracking many firecrackers whole the evening.

10) Dev Deepawali is a festival of joy and people celebrate it with their friends, relatives, and neighbors.

Set 4

1) Dev Deepawali is mainly celebrated in Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh in India.

2) Dev Deepawali usually falls in the month of November and December.

3) Dev Deepawali is also famous with the name of ‘Tripurotsav’.

4) Bathing in Ganga on Dev Deepawali is called “Karthik Snan”.

5) There is also a ritual of commemorating the martyrs and praying for them.

6) People reach Varanasi Ganga Ghats from distant places and spend the night there singing different songs and Bhajans.

7) A huge number of pilgrims visits Varanasi on said festival and mark their attendance.

8) People also prepare different varieties of sweets at their homes and distribute them to their closed ones.

9) The boat ride during the festival has a strong craze among the visitors to completely enjoy the festival.

10) The view of the whole Varanasi city on Dev Deepawali will actually make you believe that God has reached to the earth now.

The significance of celebrating Dev Deepawali is that all the gods in this eternal universe come down from heaven to earth to celebrate the festival of lights. The festival of Dev Deepawali falls on Kartik Purnima in the month of October/November. The main ritual which is performed by the devotees is the ‘Kartik Snan’ and they perform ‘Deep Dan’ in the evening which is the main attraction of Dev Deepawali where the whole city gets enlightened.

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