10 Lines on Kanwar Yatra

Kanwar Yatra is an important event in India, especially in northern India. The event is considered to be so big that the gathering sometimes gets compared with Mahakumbh. It takes place in the month of Sawan when devotees offer sacred water from the Ganges to Lord Shiva.

Those who travel and provide water are called Kanwariyas. Let us know some important facts about this in the below mentioned 10 liners.

Ten Lines on Kanwar Yatra in English

Set 1

1) Kanwar Yatra is a Pilgrimage where devotees travel long distances to offer water to lord shiva.

2) People carry holy Ganga water to please Lord Shiva.

3) The people who perform this ritual are called Kanwariyas.

4) The holy water is taken from Gangotri, Haridwar, Gomukh, etc.

5) People travel barefoot, by public transport or self vehicles to cover distances.

6) Kanwariyas wear Saffron clothes called clad during the journey.

7) The devotees carry a long bamboo stick on their shoulders which has 2 loads at the end known as Kanwar.

 8) The loads in the Kanwar has the holy Ganga water.

 9) Kanwariyas call each other by the name of Bhole or Bum Bhole.

10) The main areas of this pilgrimage is mainly Northern India.

Set 2

1) Lord Shiva, when drank Halahal from the Samudra Manthan which started affecting adversely on Lord Shiva and the World.

 2) To decrease the effect, Devas started pouring Ganga water over Lord Shiva.

3) In the Treta Yug, Ravana, used a Kanwar to bring the holy Ganga water and poured it on Lord Shiva’s temple.

4) Again, lord Parshuram traveled barefoot to offer water to Lord Shiva and it became a ritual.

5) Till the late 20th century the event was not so popular but later it turned to be a big one.

6) Earlier, monks and saints used to travel barefoot to offer the Ganga water.

7) Devotees are provided different facilities by many groups.

8) The facilities include food, medical, and shelter.

9) Devotees keep chanting the names of Lord Shiva to gain the power to complete the journey.

10) The number of people taking part in this pilgrimage is higher than some country’s population.

Kanwar Yatra occupies a very special place in Hinduism. It is performed to show love and eternity towards Lord Shiva. Millions of people witness Kanwad Yatra and come together according to their beliefs and beliefs. It holds great value. Yatra performance enthusiasts forget about their stress and tension and dedicate their whole body to Lord Shiva.