10 Lines on National Vehicle Scrapping Policy

The Government of India has recently launched a National Vehicle Scrapping Policy to deal with old, unhealthy, and unfit vehicles. The policy will help in making a clean and green environment and can generate numerous job opportunities for the youth. The government has also planned to improve the economy with this policy. The government will check up the fitness of vehicles and on the basis of that particular vehicles will be scrapped.

Here are 10 lines which are highlighting key points of the National Vehicle Scrapping Policy.

Ten Lines on National Vehicle Scrapping Policy in English

Set 1

1) The Vehicle Scrapping Policy aims to remove out unfit and polluting vehicles.

2) The policy has been launched by PM Narendra Modi.

3) The policy is supposed to bring investments of about 10000 crores.

4) In this policy, a certificate will be issued to owners of old cars.

5) With that certificate, people will get a discount on buying new cars.

6) People will contribute voluntarily.

7) It was announced in the Union Budget of 2021-22.

8) There will be a certificate of fitness issued for vehicles.

9) The fitness certificate will be valid for 20 years for individual vehicles and 15 years for commercial.

10) The vehicles are required to undergo a mandatory fitness test.

Set 2

1) The policy was first announced in an investor summit in Gujarat.

2) There will be automated tests to scrap a vehicle.

3) Automated tests will take place under Public-Private Partnership.

4) Driving failed vehicles will cause penalties.

5) The policy’s aim is to develop sustainable development in India.

6) This will also contribute to environment friendly economy.

7) The policy has aimed to create 35,000 job opportunities.

8) For categories of Heavy Vehicles, testing will start from April 2023.

9) For other categories, it will start from June 2024.

10) Vintage cars are exempted from this policy.

Old and unfit vehicles are important issues in our environment. They not only create pollution but also can cause problems related to health and is garbage. We need to understand their recycling and scrap as the government asks. Also, the government is also providing discount assurance on new upgrades. We should utilize this policy in a good way.