10 lines on Partition Horrors Remembrance Day

Partition of India is one of the horrible events that India faced. From losing its land to losing the lives of millions of people, Indian people watched in silence. To mark the day of these injuries, India observes Partition Horrors Remembrance Day. India became an independent country on 15th August 1947 and Pakistan was created on 14th August, 1947 on insisting of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the leader of the Muslim League demanded 2 parliaments or a new country.

Here is a set of 10 lines that explain the Partition Horrors Remembrance Day.

Ten lines on Partition Horrors Remembrance Day in English

Set 1

1) Partition Horrors Remembrance Day is observed on 14th August.

2) The day is observed to remember the partition of India and how many wounds it left.

3) It marks victims and sufferings of people during partition.

4) On 14th August 1947 India was partitioned.

5) The day was first marked in the year 2021.

6) Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the commemoration of Partition Horrors Remembrance Day.

7) The Partition of India was done by Cyril Radcliffe.

8) India was divided into 2 countries- India and Pakistan.

9) The partition of India was done on the demand of Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

10) During the partition of India, the Nehru Liaquat pact was signed.

Set 2

1) India witnessed millions of people becoming refugees in their own country.

2) Partition Horrors Remembrance Day is also called “Vibhajan Vibhishika Smriti Diwas”.

3) The partition saw a displacement of 10 to 20 million people.

4) During the partition around 2 to 3 million people lost their lives.

5) The viceroy during the partition was Lord Mountbatten.

6) The line which divides India and Pakistan is called the Radcliffe line.

7) Partition of India has been described in the Indian Independence Act, 1947.

8) After Independence, Pakistan had its first PM as Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

9) As partition took place, communal violence and wars also happened.

10) On 14th August, Pakistan marks its Independence Day.

Partition was not less than a nightmare. It is just like cutting a body part and it was very painful and India has some dark memories of the event. The dream that many Indians saw to free India was left incomplete as it resulted in the division of India. India and Indians will always remember the pains of horrors as Partition Horrors Remembrance Day.