10 Lines on Importance of First Monday of Sawan

As we all know, everyone waits for the month of Sawan because, in this holy month, the fasting festival and faith remain at their peak. In the year 2021, the first Monday of Sawan started on 26 July 2021. This day will be the day to fulfill the wishes of all Shiva devotees because it is said that the importance of the first Monday of Sawan is equal to serving Shiva.

Ten Lines on Importance of First Monday of Sawan in English

Set 1

1) The whole month of Sawan is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

2) In Hindu scriptures, Monday is regarded as the day of Lord Shiva.

3) Mondays of Sawan are considered to be good for devotees.

4) Devotees chant mantras and try to please lord shiva.

5) On this day, devotees hold fasts and offer milk and water to Shivlangas.

6) The fasts can be absolute or partial.

7) The absolute fast has the procedure of not eating anything till the sunset.

8) Partial fast allows the devotees to have fast related edibles.

9) Devotees visit the nearest temples of Lord Shiva and offer prayers.

10) Many people in India take bath in Ganga and offer Holy water of Ganga.

Set 2

1) The Sawan Monday marks the event of the sun entering the Leo zodiac.

2) Pujas in various temples are being conducted in various Shiv temples.

3) Of all the pujas, Rudra Abhishek is considered to be the most important one.

4) The Rudra Abhishek is a way of worshiping Lord Shiva where devotees please his anger.

5) Devotees listen and recite Shravan Somwar Vrat Katha, a storyline about Mondays of Sawan.

6) The devotees offer Pnachamrit, a mixture of curd, milk, honey, ghee, and gangajal.

7) People offer Leaves of Bel plant and Dhatura to Lord Shiva.

8) It is considered that those who worship Lord Shiva by heart are adjudged with happiness and prosperity.

9) Mahamrityunjay Mantra is also chanted as it is considered to be the conqueror of death.

10) The Sawan Somwar is very special in the Hindu religion and devotees worship with enthusiasm.

This holy month brings with it many beliefs, a lot of patience, and a lot of faith. Shiva devotees make every effort to please Lord Shiva with their good deeds and get blessings from him. It is said that Lord Bholenath is the quickest to make happy. Many people believe in this fact and start pleasing Lord Shiva. Overall it is a month of Shiva, and it is the belief of Shiva worshippers that he is the one who can vanish all the sins of human beings and make them a pure soul.