10 Lines on Sawan Shivratri

India is a land of cultural diversity. Various religious festivals are celebrated throughout the year. India is said to be the land of festivals and celebrations. Every month there is some special occasion or festival which falls in the Hindu calendar. One of the celebrations is the month of Sawan. In the month of Sawan people use to worship Lord Shiva and visit temples to offer water at Shivling for the blessings of lord shiva.

Different people celebrate Sawan in different styles. There are different beliefs about Sawan in Hinduism.

Ten Lines on Sawan Shivratri 2021 in English

Set 1

1) Sawan Shivratri falls in the month of Sawan, an important day for Hindus.

2) Sawan Shivratri is one of the important days in the Sawan.

3) It is the last day of Kanwar Yatra performed by the Shiva devotees.

4) Saawan of 2021 started on the 25th of July in 2021 and will end on 22 august 2021.

5) Sawan Shivratri is special for shiv devotees.

6) The first day of Sawan was celebrated on July 25, 2021

7) The very first somwaar of Sawan was celebrated on the 26th of July 2021.

8) There is a total of four/ five Mondays in the month of Shravan.

9) There will be only four Mondays in the month of Sawan.

10) There are a total of 12 Shivratri in a year that falls on the day of trayodashi.

Set 2

1) Shiv Purana says special worship of Lord Shiva fulfills the wishes of the devotees on Sawan Shivratri.

2) The 2021 Sawan Shivratri is on 6th August and will continue till 7th August.

3) Devotees offer Holy Water to Lord Shiva.

4) The 4th date of Krishna Paksha of every month is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

5) Worshiping Lord Shiva on this day is considered beneficial for the devotees.

6) Devotees dedicate their times to Lord Shiva, chanting mantras and hymns.

7) Worshipping Goddess Parvati is an important part of this day.

8) Fasting on this day can lead devotees to have suitable grooms/brides.

9) Shivaratri of Sawan month is considered very important in Sanatan Dharma.

10) The Sawan becomes more auspicious as three events Sawan, Sawan Monday and Sawan Shivratri falls in the same month.

This Shivratri is considered as wish-fulfillment Shivratri. According to Hindu beliefs, worshiping Lord Shiva on Shivaratri of the month of Sawan fulfills all the wishes of the devotees. It is considered beneficial for the devotees to perform Jalabhishek of Lord Shiva on Sawan Shivratri. It is considered auspicious to worship Goddess Parvati along with Lord Shiva on this day.