10 Lines on e-RUPI

The government of India has recently launched e-RUPI, which will be a new payment method. It is a voucher-based end to end encrypted transaction method. The government is working to monitor safe and reliable payment methods with the implementation of new technologies. This mechanism is launched under the Umbrella Scheme where private and government banks can be the issuing authorities.

The issued vouchers can act as a gifted voucher to the beneficiaries which can be redeemed within a certain period of time.

Ten Lines on e-RUPI in English

Set 1

1) e-RUPI is a payment method that will be cashless and contactless.

2) It will be delivered to beneficiaries who have mobile phones.

3) e-RUPI is like prepaid gift vouchers and will be redeemed at designated places.

4) It will not require any physical interface.

5) The onboard banks will be responsible for issuing it.

6) It is launched to ensure leakproof deliveries of welfare services.

7) It will be based on QR codes and SMS.

8) It won’t require any intermediary.

9) It is a one-time payment mechanism.

10) It will not require any card or digital payments app.

Set 2

1) e-RUPI is launched by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) under UPI.

2) It is incorporated with the Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Health and Family Affairs, and National Health Authority.

3) The vouchers provided after the payment, can be redeemed at private and public centers.

4) This is a prepaid mode of payment.

5) The details of beneficiaries will be completely confidential making it safe and secure.

6) The transaction will be end to end meaning it won’t indulge any third party.

7) The payment will have easy 2 step redemption technology.

8) It can be utilized in corporate and hospitals without any hassle.

9) It will be not similar to the conventional form of digital currencies.

10) It can be utilized from any mobile phone.

The e-RUPI is a new technology and can be a game-changing technology as it has come with a new concept. Several banks including SBI and Apex Bank are part of this programme. The payments will never require a middleman. This can ensure leakproof payment methods and help in the growth of the digital payment market.