10 Lines on India’s First Underwater Metro

The Metro services in India are very helpful for passengers in saving their sufficient time and reducing the struggle. It is also famous for making various experiments regarding making the journey more comfortable and reliable. India is now going to launch its first underwater metro service in Kolkata. Some sets of 10 lines below will give you important information on it.

Ten Lines on India’s First Underwater Metro

Set 1

1) Expectedly, India’s first underwater metro will run in Kolkata from March of 2020.

2) The underwater metro will partially run under the Hooghly River in Kolkata.

3) The project of the underwater Metro is held by the Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation.

4) This project for underwater metro had started in 2014 but delayed due to some reasons.

5) Initially, the cost of the project was ₹ 4900 crore for 14 km. long route.

6) Due to delay and expansion of 3 more km. in route, the project now costs ₹ 8600 crore for 17 km.

7) The underwater Metro is a part of the East-West Metro Corridor in Kolkata.

8) The KMRC has also taken a loan of ₹ 41600 crores from Japan International Cooperation Agency.

9) The authority claims that the underwater metro will handle about half of the total traffic in Kolkata.

10) This will reduce the burden of vehicles on the roads and traffic congestion in the city.

Set 2

1) The first underwater metro in India can also be the most expensive metro project in India.

2) The length of the route of Metro under Hooghly River will be about 520 meters.

3) The underwater metro will have the capacity of carrying 9 lakh of people every day.

4) It will cover the part of the route under Hooghly River in less than 1 minute.

5) The total length of the journey will be 16.6 km.

6) The metro will run between ‘Salt Lake Sector-V to Sealdah´ and ‘Howrah Maidan’.

7) The metro will be equipped with 6 coaches and will carry 2068 passengers at one time.

8) The metro under the river will pass through a tunnel of a diameter of 5.55 meters.

9) The tunnel will be free from water permeability ensuring the safety of the passengers.

10) The metro line under tunnel will have sufficient sidewalk space for passengers to walk away in the case of an emergency.

The processing of starting India’s First Underwater Metro has already started, and we can expect to experience it very soon. It will be a proud moment for India which also be recorded in its history as an achievement.