Paragraph on Knowledge is Power

“Knowledge is Power” is a very old proverb, probably originated sometime around the 16th century. It explains that true power arises from the knowledge, but not from physical possessions. It is the knowledge we have that decides on how powerful we are rather than our physical attributes.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Knowledge is Power

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

“Knowledge is Power” is a popular proverb, being used for centuries. It tells us that real power comes only through knowledge. Physical power or strength is too small when compared to the knowledge and the power it manifests. With knowledge come wisdom and with wisdom, one can anytime overpower any physical strength.

Physical power may come and go but the knowledge that you gain stays with you till your whole life. Knowledge is the most powerful because it can be used to create, save and to do so many things for the benefit of society.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

The proverb “Knowledge is Power” states that knowledge is the most powerful weapon one can have. In fact, it is so powerful that it can change the complete course of human civilization. All around us we see the manifestation of knowledge that humans have gained since ages.

It is like a wealth that is continuously augmented and transferred from one generation to another. Knowledge is essential for living. Not only humans but also animals are seen displaying knowledgeable behavior in their everyday life.

It is only the knowledge about Mother Nature and other animals that helps a deer identify warning calls and avoid running into a predator. This is not only an example of wisdom gained through knowledge but also a perfect example that knowledge is the most powerful weapon to save lives.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

The phrase “Knowledge is Power” dates back to as early as 1668. The knowledge mentioned here isn’t specifically the bookish or subjective knowledge, but practical knowledge which includes a wide range of factors.

Every day we successfully execute hundreds of tasks that have been possible only because of the knowledge that we have gained. Merely having knowledge is of no use and it is the implementation of knowledge that exhumes power.

Knowledge here also must not be confused with education. In the present context, knowledge refers to practical knowledge rather than a bookish one. The knowledge with which we dispense our everyday duties isn’t something that can be taught; rather, it can only come through experience.

The power of knowledge increases as it is shared. The more it is shared the more powerful it becomes. Knowledge has made it possible for humans to create things beyond imagination.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

“Knowledge is Power” is a very old proverb stating that true power lies in the knowledge that we gain in life. Knowledge helps us to convert our ideas and dreams into reality. It also helps us to move on the path of success and progress.

No other power in the world can help you do that, except true and practical knowledge. It also helps us to dissociate right from wrong. A person who has knowledge is actually more powerful than a person who has power but no knowledge.

In fact, knowledge is so powerful that it can change the society and the country as well. It has the power to provide vision and to shape the future of an individual and also that of society. In actual the whole idea of power as conceived today has originated from knowledge. Power stems from knowledge and its rightful implementation.

When knowledge is applied to practical things, it becomes power. Power as such is nothing without knowledge. Moreover, to use power in the correct fashion, one must have wisdom. Where does wisdom come from? Once again we are back to knowledge, the mother of all powers of the world.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

The proverb “Knowledge is Power” is an ancient proverb used to teach humans about the true worth of knowledge. The true power that humanity can have is knowledge. It is only through knowledge that an individual, a society and a nation progresses. It would be false to think the true power of a nation comes from the number of weapons it has or how destructive they are.

In fact, a nation with considerably fewer weapons but learned and knowledgeable people will prove itself to be more powerful. We have to understand that real power only comes from knowledge, rest all is a fallacy, a hallucination. If you think that with a weapon in your hand, you are more powerful, then you are wrong. Ultimately it is not the weapon/s you have that counts, but how much knowledge you possess in your head.

With weapons you can hurt someone but is it really a true power to hurt, scare or bully someone. To understand the phrase “Knowledge is Power” we must first decide what power is. Some may take physical strength and an ability to control others through money or other means as real power.

But, it would be a mistake to think that real power means an ability to destroy, suppress and harass. True power is not destructive, it is rather fulfilling, satisfying and sometimes gratifying. True power is like a big old tree that sustains the life of hundreds of birds for hundreds of years and selflessly gives shelter to travelers during the rain and scorching heat.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How knowledge is helpful?

Ans. Knowledge can help us to perform works that we have learnt.

Q2. How Knowledge can be powerful?

Ans. Having knowledge about anything can make you stand firmly every situation.

Q3. How to gain knowledge?

Ans. By studying and observing things can help you gain knowledge.

Q4. When was this proverb ‘Knowledge is Power’ given?

Ans. This proverb was given in the 16th century.