10 Lines on Growing Pollution in Rivers

Rivers have sustained the life of billions of people throughout the world through the centuries. Rivers are the source of freshwater for the people living on the earth. We cannot imagine our single day without the presence of water. The activities that we human beings are doing just for the satisfaction of our own needs without thinking of other environmental factors are giving rise to a severe problem that is termed pollution. The rise in river water pollution is really upsetting for the entire humanity. The majority of rivers all around the world are getting polluted day by day because of pollutants being released by different human activities.

Ten Lines on Growing Pollution in Rivers in English

This is an important topic for students and exam aspirants. Let’s learn about this topic in brief through the sets of ten lines provided below. I hope that it might be useful to the students in giving quick information about this topic.


1) Growing pollution in rivers is a grave issue throughout the world.

2) Rivers pollution all around the world is the result of human activities and negligence.

3) The dumping of untreated sewage and industrial effluents increases the toxicity of river water.

4) The flow of chemical fertilizers and pesticides from agricultural fields into rivers during rains pollutes it.

5) Cremation ashes, religious rituals, garlands, and incense sticks discarded in rivers also make it polluted.

6) Rivers pollution in India has crossed the limit of extremity.

7) The major rivers like Ganga, Indus, and Brahmaputra are polluted at many places in their course.

8) Rapid industrialization and urbanization have a major impact on rivers.

9) The aquatic flora and fauna are adversely affected due to growing pollution in rivers.

10) This issue if not treated soon might become a threat to the existence of rivers on earth.


1) Growing river pollution poses a great threat to entire humanity and nature.

2) It has a negative effect on agricultural and irrigation processes.

3) The livelihood of people residing on river banks is severely affected because of the pollution of rivers.

4) Growing pollution is majorly affecting the major rivers of India and the world.

5) In India, more than 70% of rivers are severely polluted.

6) Ganga has become the most polluted river in India.

7) The activities like washing, bathing, dumping of sewage and industrial effluents, etc have deteriorated its water quality.

8) The aquatic population in river water is continuously declining because of the rising river water pollution.

9) Growing pollution in rivers results in increased toxicity of the river water.

10) Several programs and policies have been initiated in India and the world for making the rivers pollution-free.


The rising pollution level in rivers is not only a major concern in India but is a worldwide concern. It is not only the responsibility of governments but the sole responsibility of every individual on this earth to make effort for reducing the rising river pollution. Several initiatives like Ganga Action Plan, Namami Gange, etc have been initiated by the government of India to make Ganga free from pollution. This campaign requires the collective effort of every citizen of the nation. It is dire need of the hour to work upon this issue so that we may be able to save our rivers from becoming extinct.

I hope that the sets would be interesting and useful for all the students in getting a good idea about the topic.

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FAQSs: Frequently Asked Question on Growing Pollution in Rivers

Q.1 Which river is stated as the world’s most polluted river?

Ans. Citarum River in Indonesia is stated as the most populated river in the world.

Q.2 What is the name given to human-made pollutants?

Ans. Human-made pollutants are termed anthropogenic pollutants.

Q.3 How can we detect river pollution on a preliminary basis?

Ans. The turbidity and foul smell in water is a detection test of river water pollution on a preliminary basis.

Q.4 Which bacteria are regarded as the indicator of water pollution?

Ans. Escherichia coli bacteria are regarded as the indicator of water pollution.