Paragraph on Growing Pollution in Rivers

River Ganga is regarded as the most sacred river in India. It is sad to state that the water of this river at most of the places in India has become contaminated. The river water is clean at few places but appears dirty at most of the places where the river flows. This is not only in the case of the River Ganga but most of the rivers are undergoing the same problem in India and the world. Human activities are the major cause of rising of the river pollution. It is an interesting topic for discussion and debates.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Growing Pollution in Rivers

I have provided few long and short paragraphs with explanations of this topic. I hope it would benefit all the exam aspirants and provide aid to all the students in getting ideas for writing paragraphs on this topic.

Paragraph 1- 100 words

Rivers are very essential for the survival of the entire living organism in the world. There are many rivers in the world that had been the major source of the development of the ancient civilizations of the world. They are present from ancient times and serving the people till present. The river water nourishes the population by providing them water for drinking, agriculture, industrial use, and several purposes.

It also nourishes the flora and fauna present in different ecosystems. The increase in population level in the rivers at present is an alarming situation. The activities of human beings are the major cause of rising pollution in the different rivers of the world.

Paragraph 2- 120 words

India is a nation blessed with several rivers and their tributaries flowing in different regions of the nation. They are the source of clean water for people of different regions. Rivers are boon for people residing on their banks. The increase in the rate of pollution level in rivers is very frightening. The dumping of sewage, industrial, nuclear wastes in the water directly without treatment makes its water polluted. The water quality of a polluted river has totally deteriorated.

In India, it is assumed that bathing in sacred rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Indus, etc washes all our sins and provides us paradise after death. It will not be wrong to say that at present the river water quality is not fit for bathing at many places because of excessive contamination by pollutants.

Paragraph 3-150 words

Everything in the world has some positive and well some negative aspects. The same is applicable to technology and development. It also consists of two aspects. It had helped in making our life fast and convenient is its positive aspect. Pollution is the negative aspect of this boon for mankind. Development is leading to urbanization and industrialization. The rise in urbanization and industrialization is resulting in an increasing rate of pollution.

The waste material like sewage, industrial effluents, thermal, nuclear wastes dumped into the river change the chemical constitution of the river. It makes it impure for all purposes. The use of contaminated river water can become the cause of several water-borne diseases and severe health issues. There are numerous species of flora and fauna residing in the river water. The existence of aquatic organisms is at risk because they are unable to get a proper supply of oxygen and food. The rising rate of pollution in rivers is threatening the existence of aquatic organisms at present.

Paragraph 4- 200 words

The existence of life is not possible without the presence of water on earth. There are many rivers on the earth and they trace their course through different regions of the earth. In this way, they fulfill the water needs of human beings and nourish the different species of flora and fauna.

Pollution in rivers- A major concern

Rivers are flowing water bodies and thus they are considered to have clean water. This definition of the river does not fit with the present condition of rivers. Either it is a river of India or world; everywhere pollution in river has changed the condition of rivers. The water of the river that used to be transparent in past has now turned dirty. It will not be wrong to say that such water is not fit for drinking, bathing, or any other purpose without treatment. This is not the fault of rivers but is the fault of different activities of human beings. If the same activities are continued the day is not far when these rivers will become a sorrow for the entire humanity.

The most sacred river Ganga becoming the most polluted river in India

Rivers are worshipped in a country like India. The Ganga River that originates from the Gangotri glacier traces different paths until it terminates in the Bay of Bengal. The river water has become polluted in many areas where it flows. It is because of the discarding of several types of untreated waste matter into the river. There have been several programs like National Water Mission (2010), National Mission for Clean Ganga, Namami Gange Project initiated for cleaning the river water. These programs can only become successful if it gets the contribution of every individual in the nation.

Paragraph 5- 250 words

97% of the earth’s surface is composed of water and that is in form of oceans. This water cannot be used for sustaining life processes. It is because this water has excessive salt content in it. The percentage of freshwater is only 3%. This is present in form of glaciers, rivers, lakes, and underground water. The areas rich with rivers are said to be blessed ones as they have access to pure water for continuing their life processes. The pollution of river water is becoming a crucial problem nowadays.

Technology and development is becoming a curse for rivers

The advancement in technology and development is giving rise to urbanization and industrialization. There carrying capacity of the ecosystem is fixed and therefore the rising population in cities becomes a major issue on the availability of resources. More people need more food to eat. This can be fulfilled by the surplus yield of crops and so the use of pesticides has become common for good yield. These pesticides are the chemicals that flow into the river during the water runoff and contaminate the same.

The rapid increase in industrialization is also becoming a curse for rivers. It is because the development of more industries gives rise to more industrial waste. The chemical content in the effluents ruins the chemistry of water. River Yamuna pollution is a good example for explaining the above-quoted lines.

Destruction of the habitat of aquatic organisms

The river pollution resulting in the reduction of dissolved oxygen and increase in pollutants is a threat for the aquatic organisms. Many aquatic fishes die every year due to river pollution. The tremendous decrease in the aquatic population states that the quality of river water has deteriorated. Plastic pollution in rivers has also become a great problem for all the organisms residing in the rivers.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What are the signs of River pollution?

Ans. The discolored water, dead fishes floating in the river, and foul smell from water are the signs of river pollution.

Q.2 How can we measure the level of pollution in the Rivers?

Ans. The level of pollution in the rivers can be measured by the amount of dissolved oxygen.

Q.3 Which river is stated as the most polluted river in India?

Ans. Ganga River is stated as the most polluted river in India.

Q.4 Which program for cleaning the river Ganga is active at present?

Ans. Namami Gange program is active at present for making River Ganga pollution-free.

Q.5 Which river is considered the most polluted river in the world?

Ans. Citarum River in Indonesia is considered the world’s most polluted river.

Q.6 Which river is regarded as the cleanest river in the world?

Ans. Thames River in London is regarded as the cleanest river in the world.