10 Lines on Hyperloop

Today, we are living in a world full of technologies. Humans are addicted to technologies and are busy in discovering new things. We are witnessing new inventions every day. Most of the technologies are useful for humans whereas some can be proved dangerous, depending on its proper usage.

Ten Lines on Hyperloop in English

Here we are presenting simple ten lines in the form of sets on Hyperloop which would be helpful for you to understand this new technology in very less period of time.

Set 1

1) Hyperloop is a new form of transportation technology.

2) On 12 august 2013, Elon Musk (CEO of SpaceX & Tesla) released Alpha Hyperloop.

3) This technology will reduce the time of travelling to a great extent.

4) This technology works on loops and hence called as Hyperloop.

5) The Hyperloop is resistant to collision, atmospheric change and natural disaster like earthquake.

6) It will consume low power and has about 24 hours of energy storage.

7) This is the fastest transportation with twice the speed of plane.

8) It can travel about 750 miles per hour (1223.1 kmph).

9) The idea behind hyperloop is not so new. Many scientists had earlier mentioned this concept.

10) Travelling in hyperloop will feel same as being in plane or elevator.

Set 2

1) Tube, pod and terminal are the three basic and main parts of hyperloop.

2) The tube is made up of steel with low air pressure, nearly vaccum.

3) Being fastest,it is also considered as cheapest mode of transport.

4) It can carry up to 28 passengers in one travelling pod according to Musk’s concept.

5) Hyperloop is expected to cover a distance of 560 km from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 30 minutes.

6) Hyperloop can be constructed on above or under the ground.

7) The Hyperloop design iskept open-source(anyone can modify) to enhance the idea.

8) Fast speed can act as bane for this technology; however passenger could feel uncomfortable.

9) Travelling in Hyperloop can be proved risky if any failure happened.

10) The first human trial was done in November 2020 in Las Vegas by Virgin Hyperloop.

There are various modes of transportation. We can travel through roads, trains or water but they are time consuming. The air route is considered as the fastest mode of transportation. But not everyone can afford this. Therefore, introduction of new mode of transportation (hyperloop) also termed as “fifth mode of transportation” which would be cheaper than those aircrafts will be fruitful.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Is Hyperloop started in India?

Ans. Not yet. But expected between Mumbai-Pune by 2029, according to Virgin Hyperloop One.

Q.2 Is Hyperloop working anywhere?

Ans. No, Hyperloop trains are not commercialized anywhere in the world. However, working on different projects has been started.