10 Lines on Gratitude

The ‘Humanity’ is a very broad term which comprises of many virtues that a human should have. The personality of someone is defined by the virtues he possesses. The same reflects from his face and his actions. Some of these virtues are honesty, truthfulness, generosity, loyalty, and humility. There are many others which are equally important and one of them is ‘Gratitude’. Here we have provided below some sets of 10 lines on Gratitude that you can read and have an idea about it.

Ten Lines on Gratitude

Ten Lines on Gratitude – Set 1

1) The gratitude is being thankful to someone what they have done for you.

2) Some other words for gratitude are acknowledgment, appreciation, and recognition.

3) Gratitude makes man thoughtful and altruistic.

4) Gratitude has come from the Latin word ‘Gratus’ which means thankful.

5) A person with gratitude is found to be more social than others.

6) In the Vedas, gratitude has been called the ornament for human beings.

7) A grateful person is a source of inspiration for the society.

8) If someone shows sympathy to us, we should show our gratitude to him.

9) The reason behind not being grateful to others may be arrogance and corrupt rites.

10) Gratitude can never be seen but only experienced from the heart.

10 Lines on Gratitude – Set 2

1) Gratitude means being respectful to someone for the excellent help he/she has given towards you.

2) Gratitude is advised to have by all the religions in the world.

3) It increases the well-being of the people.

4) By expressing gratitude, we maintain sociality and give happiness to the person in front.

5) It is considered to be the greatest human virtue.

6) In today’s society filled with hatred and selfishness, gratitude has completely vanished.

7) On getting help, there is a pleasant and distinct feeling of being grateful to the person who helped.

8) A person feels especially grateful when the benefit that he has received means so much to him.

9) Gratitude is a feeling of accepting one’s true worth.

10) Gratitude holds the utmost importance for happiness because it provides happiness.

Expressing gratitude or gratitude towards someone is a very good habit. Praise others sincerely and without expecting anything in return. Be genuinely appreciative of the people around you. Gratitude is a virtue on which our life on earth is possible. So it is very important that we keep it and teach our future generations a lesson of gratitude.