10 Lines on Wisdom

Wisdom is a very important word for the children, especially for the students. They should have complete knowledge about it. There are many things to learn about wisdom which we have brought for you through some sets of 10 lines on Wisdom below. By reading them, you can clear your all doubts about the topic.

Ten Lines on Wisdom

Set – 1

1) The wisdom is a state of mind full of knowledge and ability to think and act accordingly.

2) Wisdom can be attributed as perception, intelligence, insight, and acumen.

3) Learning from experiences is the key source for having wisdom.

4) A person with wisdom is called a wise person.

5) Opening your mind to see the world from different perspectives.

6) Psychologists and philosophers call wisdom an epistemic humility.

7) Wisdom is generally measured in IQ (Intelligence quotient).

8) Reasoning, Learning, and Perception are some factors to increase wisdom.

9) It is necessary to have wisdom but not arrogance.

10) According to Albert Einstein’s statement, “Ability to change is the measure of intelligence”.

Set – 2

1) Wisdom refers to the ability to differentiate between right and wrong and take an appropriate decision.

2) Wisdom can be maintained by being unbiased in every situation.

3) It makes you understand the person, not to judge him immediately.

4) In Greek, wisdom is considered to be an essential virtue to meet the god.

5) Gaining wisdom and developing it is the central objective of Buddhism.

6) According to the ‘Theory of Wisdom’ by Robert Sternberg, wisdom is using one’s intelligence, creativity, common sense, and knowledge.

7) Intelligence can be developed through study, meditation, experience.

8) The development of wisdom depends on the behavior, harmony, and environment with other people.

9) A person with wisdom is capable to win hearts.

10) Wisdom can be achieved through the right education.

Wisdom is something that separates humans from all other beings. Human development has become possible on earth only through the use of wisdom. The level of wisdom is a sign of our excellence. Therefore, all of us should consider and work on the development of our wisdom.