10 Lines on Carrot

We use many fruits and vegetables in our daily life like potato, onion, okra, pumpkin, radish, tomato, mango, apple, banana, and carrot, etc. All these have their advantages which make them different from the rest.

Ten Lines on Carrot in English

We have created some sets of 10 lines on Carrot below so that you can have some basic information about it and pass it to others.

Set – 1

1) The carrot is categorized as a root vegetable.

2) It is a rich source of vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, fats, iron, and Beta-carotene.

3) Its consumption increases the amount of blood in our body.

4) It contains about 88% water.

5) ‘Daucus Carota’ is the scientific name of Carrot.

6) It takes about four months to grow in the field.

7) Vitamin A present in carrots is beneficial for eyesight.

8) It is beneficial for heart patients as well as high blood pressure patients.

9) China is the largest producer of carrot in the world.

10) It is used in making salads, pickles, pudding, etc.

Set – 2

1) Carrot is the root of the plant.

2) It grows with the help of seeds.

3) It has rich antioxidant properties.

4) Carotene present in carrots helps in dealing with night blindness.

5) Carrots also work to strengthen immunity in the body.

6) Haryana shares the largest production of Carrot in India.

7) Carrot crop requires 7 to 23 degree Celsius temperature.

8) Asian and European are the two major types of carrot.

9) Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh are the major carrot growing states in India.

10) The regular consumption of carrots improves the condition of hair, eyes, and skin.

10 Lines on Carrot

Carrot is such an edible which can be eaten raw as well as after cooked. It is a very healthy vegetable to maintain our beauty and health. It is also very helpful in keeping our mental growth. There are many benefits of eating carrots that is why it is advised to consume carrots regularly and make them a part of our salad.