10 Lines on Good Friday

Good Friday is a Christian holiday that is celebrated by the Christians of India and across the world. This festival is celebrated to mark the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Good Friday is not a moment of happiness among the Christians as this was the day of mourn, the death of Jesus. The day of Good Friday is also known as Black Friday, Holy Friday and Great Friday and it is a part of the celebration with Paschal Triduum and the Easter Sunday followed by it.

Ten Lines on Good Friday

Set 1

1) Good Friday is a major festival of Christians which is celebrated across the world.

2) It is celebrated to mark the crucifixion and last moment of Jesus Christ.

3) Good Friday is a part of ‘Paschal Triduum’ which is celebrated in the Holy Week.

4) Good Friday is also celebrated parallelly with the Jewish festival of ‘Passover’.

5) The festival of Good Friday is celebrated by the catholic churches as a fast day.

6) The event of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was held on Friday in 33 or 34 AD.

7) The day of Good Friday is the day of sadness and some places are made empty and dark.

8) The celebration of Good Friday depends on the culture and tradition of every country.

9) People who belong to Christian religion go to their nearby Churches for prayers.

10) In India, the government has officially declared Good Friday as a gazetted holiday.

Set 2

1) Good Friday is a religious holiday that is celebrated by Christians across the world, to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

2) It is observed during the holy week as an integral part of ‘Paschal Triduum’ on Friday which ends with the Easter Sunday i.e. the third day.

3) In Vatican City, Good Friday is celebrated by organizing group prayers to remember Jesus Christ, his teachings and his sacrifice for the world.

4) According to the Biblical as well as the Julian calendar, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ occurred on Friday in AD 34 or 34.

5) As per the gospels, one of the disciples of Jesus Christ called ‘Judas Iscariot’ ordered some temple guards to arrest Jesus Christ in the garden of ‘Gethsemane’.

6) After arrest, Jesus was brought to the Annas, father-in-law of the Caiaphas where Jesus was sentenced to death without saying a word.

7) Jesus Christ was charged for treason and for his claim to be the son of the god and then he was brought to execution.

8) After his crucifixion, the whole land was full of darkness and Jesus gave up his spirit with a loud cry and the temple curtains were torn top to bottom due to earthquake.

9) As Good Friday is the day of sadness, in some places the churches are made empty and dark after certain afternoon services and people take a bitter drink.

10) People from the Christian community attend their nearby churches and listen to the sermons made by the priests of the church.

Set 3

1) Good Friday is celebrated by Christians all around the world to commemorate the death caused by the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

2) Good Friday is also known by the names of Holy Friday, Black Friday, Great Friday or Easter Friday.

3) Although this day is associated with the death of Jesus, it is still called ‘Good’, because it is a day to honor Jesus, who sacrificed his life for the sake of the people.

4) Good Friday is not related to any celebration, so on this day people just go to church and pray and read the proverbs.

5) Church statues on this day are usually covered with black cloth to symbolize mourning.

6) Some people go to church wearing black clothes on this day.

7) Rituals in the churches usually begin with specific prayers at midnight or from 3 pm.

8) Biblical lessons are recited by pastors in Churches on this day.

9) Then the clergy of the church pray to God to grant mercy to mankind and the power of forgiveness to them.

10) Rituals are concluded with a procession at around 3 pm and then prayers are offered in the evening.

Set 4

1) Good Friday is also known as Holy Friday, Great Friday and Black Friday.

2) The festival is celebrated on the Friday before Easter Sunday.

3) Nearly 2000 years ago, on this day, Jesus Christ was hanged on a cross with a nail.

4) It is celebrated as a mourning day.

5) On Good Friday the bells are not played in the church.

6) The Christian community mourns by wearing black clothes.

7) On this day tribute is paid to Jesus Christ.

8) On Good Friday at 3 pm, people go to church and pray and apologize for their sins.

9) This whole week has been considered very sacred in Christianity.

10) There is no celebration held in the church on Good Friday.

Good Friday is the festival of sadness, grief, and mourning for the entire Christian community. People go to the churches for morning prayers and listen to sermons on the occasion. Good Friday celebrations vary from country to country depending upon their culture and tradition. The Government of India has declared a public holiday on Good Friday. Big processions are carried out with the souvenirs of Jesus Christ across the country with full devotion.

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