10 Lines on Global warming

Nature has created our environment and every living being like animal, birds, insects, trees and plants. They all have the right to live their life in their way, but the human is the most disturbing living being. We human are destroying nature for our and need and greed, which we will pay in the form of disaster. Such a disaster is ‘Global Warming’ about which, you can learn through the sets of 10 lines below.

Ten Lines on Global Warming in English

Children and students of Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 can find here 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Global Warming in very easy and simple language to get some help in their studies.

10 Lines on Global Warming

1) Global warming refers to the above-average rise of earth’s temperature.

2) The Greenhouse effect is the main reason for Global Warming.

3) Gases, like carbon dioxide and Methane, play a vital role in causing the greenhouse effect and subsequently global warming.

4) Industries emitting CO2 as by-product add to global warming.

5) Earth’s temperature has warmed up by 0.9°Celsius (33.62 degrees Fahrenheit) since 1901.

6) Deforestation and suspended particulate matter also play their part in global warming.

7) Global warming results in extreme climate changes.

8) Global warming causes melting of glaciers and rise in sea level.

9) It causes disturbance in monsoon patterns.

10) It also causes the frequent occurrence of droughts and unexpected climatic changes.

10 Lines and Sentences on Global Warming

1) Rise in global temperature due to global warming is dangerous for life on earth.

2) The unsustainable use of natural resources is also a reason for Global Warming.

3) The increased rate of deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, vehicle and industrial pollution contributes to global warming.

4) Research shows that the average temperature of the earth may increase by 1.0 °C to 5.0 °C in the next decade.

5) The rise in the global temperature tends to melt the glaciers and increase the sea level.

6) A report suggests that the global sea level may rise between 0.3 to 2.5 meters in the next few decades.

7) Global warming brings extreme climate change and results in floods, droughts and other climate disasters.

8) Change in the global temperature affects the pattern of monsoon winds and changes the time and intensity of rain.

9) The unpredictable climate change affects the agriculture and productivity of the nation.

10) Planting more trees can be a good step towards removing the problem of Global Warming.

10 Lines on Global warming

5 Lines on Global Warming

1) Global warming is the increase in the Earth’s temperature.

2) Greenhouse gases are responsible for global warming.

3) Global warming is harmful to living organisms.

4) It also affects the balance of the ecosystem.

5) Human activities are also responsible for global warming.

20 Lines on Global Warming

1) Global warming is the excess trapping of the sun’s heat by the earth’s atmosphere.

2) Global Warming will bring disaster for us.

3) The regulation of Greenhouse gas emission is important to control global warming.

4) Global warming causes ocean acidification, threatening fisheries and other species.

5) It causes large scale evaporation of oceans resulting in cloud formation.

6) Deliberate human activities are the cause of Global Warming.

7) Our every activity that harms nature brings Global Warming.

8) Global warming causes melting of glaciers, rising sea levels, flooding and storms.

9) Global Warming brings rise to many dangerous diseases and epidemic as well.

10) In tropical areas, global warming has caused increased pest population and diseases.

11) Global warming accounts for an unwanted increase in the earth’s atmospheric temperature.

12) Increasing pollution is an important factor in increasing Global Warming.

13) Water vapour, methane and nitrous oxide are some of the prominent greenhouse gases.

14) Global Warming is not a national but a global problem.

15) The sudden forest-fire is a result of Global Warming.

16) It has put many species of animals and birds on extinction.

17) Sustainable use of resources can bring a decrease in Global Warming.

18) Global warming leads to long-lasting climatic effects and ecosystem changes.

19) It is also the main cause of aquatic species’ depletion.

20) Awareness of every individual is very important to fight against the problem.

Global warming is a matter of grave concern requiring immediate action. We must take preventive measures like lowering down air pollution, reducing the emission of greenhouse gases generated by human activity. Regulating such factors and creating strict laws against them is an urgent need to save earth from becoming a burning sphere.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Global warming

Q.1 What is the primary cause of global warming?

Ans. The main cause of global warming is emissions of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, from burning fossil fuels.

Q.2 Can we limit global warming?

Ans. Yes, we can limit the process of global warming but not instantly. It will take time and can be decreases gradually.

Q.3 How does climate change affect humans?

Ans. Climate change affects humans in various ways. It can lead to extreme weather events, rising sea levels, food insecurity, increased spread of vector-borne diseases, loss of biodiversity, etc.

Q.4 Which countries are more affected with global warming?

Ans. Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Canada, etc. are some of the countries that are more affected by global warming.

Q.5 Which countries are safe from global warming and climate change?

Ans. According to a report published from a university, countries including New Zealand, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Ireland are very less effective by the global warming and climate change.

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