10 Lines on Charity Begins at Home

The proverb ‘charity begins at home’ signifies that we must take care of our family first, cater to the needs and wishes of our family members, and then after this, we should think about the world. This proverb states that if we want to do charity it should start from home. We should first take care of our family members, close relatives, and well-wishers and later on dedicate our time for the welfare of society and the nation.

This proverb doesn’t highlight the fact that one must only think about his or her family’s whole life, instead, the phrase motivates us to do charity for the betterment of society in free time. It signifies that one should definitely help others but first make his family comfortable.

Ten Lines on Charity Begins at Home in English

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10 Lines on Charity Begins at Home

1) Charity begins at home is a popular proverb.

2) Charity means helping needy people.

3) It can be by providing money, kindness, and love.

4) The phrase implies that charity should first begin at home by taking care of close ones.

5) Family is very important for every individual on this earth.

6) It is the responsibility of every person to care for his own family first.

7) The care of close ones is important before helping others.

8) When we are capable of giving love to our loved ones then only we can help others.

9) The initial step of doing charity must begin with our family itself.

10) Charity for others is useless if we do not love and care for our family members

10 Lines and Sentences on Charity Begins at Home

1) Charity begins at home is an inspiring phrase.

2) It is applicable in everyone’s life.

3) Every great work has a small beginning.

4) Family should always be on priority for everyone.

5) We must think about loving and helping our family first and then to others.

6) We can never do charity for others if we ignore our loved ones.

7) Loving families help in building a better society.

8) When we take good care of our family we can take care of others too.

9) Children get a good lesson at home when they see their parents doing charity.

10) They will also learn to love and care for family and people when they grow up.

10 Lines on Charity Begins at Home

5 Lines on Charity Begins at Home

1) It is a popular saying.

2) It says changing ourselves first.

3) Students are taught this proverb.

4) If we love ourselves, we can love others.

5) It means we should help ourselves before others.

20 Lines on Charity Begins at Home

1) Charity begins at home is a proverb which says that we should look our family first.

2) This proverb tells that we must take care of our family members first and then society.

3) The word ‘Charity’ comes from the Latin word ‘Caritas’ which means to love.

4) This proverb was mentioned in Sir Thomas Browne’s book ‘Religio Medici’ in year 1642.

5) It is not morally correct for a person to help others ignoring the family and close relatives.

6) Charity is a good thing but we all must get involved for the betterment of the society.

7) Charity doesn’t mean only providing alms to poor but it also refers to any kind of support to those in need.

8) Every individual in the society can support or provide help to needy people in his/her own unique way.

9) Visiting children in orphanage or people in old age homes can bring smiles on their faces.

10) It should be remembered that we are obliged to our family first and should keep them on the top of our priority list.

11) ‘Charity begins at home’ is the proverb which teaches us that we should help other people, but not at the cost of our own family.

12) According to the proverb, we must indulge in charity or social work but only after fulfilling the responsibilities towards our family.

13) Sir Thomas Browne an English polymath quoted the proverb ‘charity begins at home’ in his creation ‘Religio Medici’ in the year 1642.

14) John Fletcher a Jacobean Playwright mentioned about the proverb in his book “Wit without Money” in the year 1625.

15) The man’s first responsibility in the society as per the proverb meaning is to take care of his family.

16) If man ignores the family in the name of charity or social work then he is not good human being.

17) Our parents are our first responsibility and we should take great care of them.

18) In the beginning, the child learns from his parents, if parents are doing charity then after growing, the child will also inculcate that habit.

19) We must learn to set our priority and in that, our family must come first to which we can take care of them and then think about others.

20) We must ensure that our close relations remain firm and we must do all efforts to take care of them and then think about the world.

The proverb ‘charity begins at home’ gives a strong message that if we want to be kind and generous and want to do charity we must begin with our family. We must take care of our family, our parents and our close relatives as these are the people, because of whom we have become  what we are and without them we couldn’t manage to progress. This proverb doesn’t say that we should forget others and do nothing but not on the cost of our valuable relationships.

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