10 Lines on Good Food Good Habits

We all are always told to have good food, but having good food is not enough. It is also necessary to have good habits. Neither good food nor good habits can be purchased. We have created some sets of 10 lines on Good Food Good Habit below. You should check them right now.

Ten Lines on Good Food Good Habit

Set – 1

1) Good food is the one that contains all those necessary elements that our body needs.

2) Taking good food at the right time comes under good food good habit.

3) Good habit also contains taking good food in the right amount.

4) A portion of food enriched with protein, vitamin, carbohydrates, and fats, etc. is called good food.

5) We should always look for what we are eating.

6) A collection of green vegetable in food makes it good.

7) Drinking plenty of water time to time comes under the good habit.

8) Water is also an essential element for our body.

9) We should chew our food well before swallowing it.

10) We should not take a heavy or spicy meal at night.

Set – 2

1) Good food should never lack protein.

2) Fast foods and soft drinks don’t fall under good food.

3) Having Fast foods and soft drinks regularly is a bad habit.

4) Having a meal outside the home can be sometimes unhealthy.

5) Breakfast is the most important part of our daily meal.

6) It is best to have a drink and soup at night.

7) Having a walk after every meal comes under good habit good food.

8) Instead of regular tea, prefer having green tea.

9) Taking together carbohydrates and protein keeps us healthy.

10) Feeding yourself after every 3 hours is good food with a good habit.

So the good food keeps us healthy while good habits beautify our characteristic. Both are necessary for us. Good food can’t be effective without good habits, and good habits can change us if not implemented on good food. So always be serious towards what to eat and how to eat.