10 Lines on Good Food Good Habits

There is well said in a proverb that “a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body”. Like this we can say a healthy food habit is needed for a healthy body. It is an art to prepare food in a planned way from the available ingredients in the kitchen. Therefore it is required that the cook had to know about the nutritional values of the ingredients as well as their ratios so that it is easily digestible by the consumer.

In modern physical age where everyone is beating the bush and is trying to acquire more and more wealth, it is not possible to maintain the routine for three time lunch in a day.

We want to quench our hunger by stuffing whatever is available on that time. We escape meals, tolerate the hunger in scarcity of time, or eat junk food without knowing it’s after affects.

Ten Lines on Good Food Good Habits in English

Here we are going to give 10 points on good food habits that will keep you fit and healthy. A healthy man can enjoy his life and the wonders of the universe. In these points we learn about the daily routine of meals taken by a man to keep him without medicines and enjoy a long healthy life.

10 Lines on Good Food Good Habits - Set 1

1) A person should take at least three meals a day at the interval of six hours; though, one can take snacks in between the meals.

2) We should not skip our breakfast since it is very essential for starting the day.

3) Breakfast, lunch and dinner are also compulsory and must contain all nutrients in proper ratio.

4) We should focus on quality of food but not on the quantity.

5) The food must be cooked in such a manner so that it doesn’t lose its nutritional value and can digest easily.

6) Before eating one should wash his/her hands properly and the food must be served in neat and clean utensils.

7) We should not eat hastily and should not speak while eating. A hasty lunch digests slowly because it is not crushed by teeth properly.

8) A time- table must be followed for all three meals of the day to make it a habit, and at the time of the meal one will feel the hunger when it becomes a habit.

9) There must be a fasting day in every week to give rest to digestive organs.

10) Fresh fruits, sprouts, juices, salad, vegetables, milk and milk products should be added in daily food.

In the following ten points you will read about good food habits which will make your life fit and healthy without ailments. Here we also know how we develop good habits so that we can feel our appetite, digest the food easily, and give us energy to perform better for our day to day life.

10 Lines on Good Food Good Habits - Set 2

1)  On proper time our body will feel the hunger and hence we should follow a fix eating routine without going for appetizer medicines.

2) The meal must contain all the nutrients needed by the body along with the fibers and usual amount of water.

3) The food must be chewed properly so that the internal digestive organs will have to work less in digestion process.

4) The food must be kept on raised platform so that our esophagus will remain straight giving an easy road to enter into stomach.

5) Washing of hands with ash or a hand-wash is essential because hands are a carrier of millions of bacteria and viruses.

6) A hastily swallowed food doesn’t digest easily and has less nutritional value and exits from the body undigested or semi-digested.

7)  A polluted place is also not preferred for eating as the food is more likely to be infected.

8) Never drink water within half an hour before and after taking meals because it dilutes the necessary digestive acids produced in the stomach.

9) Always try to eat fibers and roughage as they help to intestines to suck the nutrients properly and also create usual energy to the body as well it produces anti-bodies to fight against diseases.

10) Remain in happy mood while eating as it helps in digestion and one can also enjoy and devour the meal.

We saw how good habits are useful to a body. By taking nutritional food at proper time one can keep his body fit and healthy. It is not mandatory to eat expensive food for nutrition and to get energy but if simple food   is taken in a hygienic way, become more fruitful for the body. Tidiness is other factor for both –the cook and the consumer. Time is another factor. It means that meals cooked in a hygienic way, on proper time and using senses will become useful for the body.

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