10 Lines on Buffalo

A buffalo is very useful domestic animal. The buffalo is a large sized animal which mainly eats grass. It also comes in the category of milch cattle which gives us milk. Buffalo is mainly found in most parts of South America, North America, Asia and Europe. There is also another kind of buffalo which is called “Wild Buffalo” and it is mostly found in African countries. Buffalo has been tamed as a domestic animal for more than 5000 years ago. Generally, the skin colour of buffaloes is black but some buffaloes have dark, slate-coloured skin.

Buffaloes are very useful animals for mankind and we obtain milk, meat, skin, horns etc from buffaloes. As we know buffalo is a powerful animal, it is also used to plough agricultural fields. Buffalo’s milk contains more fat in comparison to cow’s milk.

Ten Lines on Buffalo in English

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10 Lines on Buffalo – Set 1

1) Buffalo is a useful domestic animal which is being tamed by humans for more than 5000 years ago.

2) Buffalo is a large animal with four legs, a long tail and two horns on its head.

3) Buffalo has hooves below its legs and it has a hump on its back.

4) Buffalo produces a “Grunting” sound which is too low to listen for a human ear.

5) A buffalo is a Herbivorous animal i.e. it eats grass, leaves, plants, fruits, vegetables etc.

6) On an average, a buffalo eats up to 10 kgs of fodder every day.

7) A buffalo lives up to 25 to 30 years when kept in a good condition.

8) The male buffalo is called as a “Bull Buffalo” and a female buffalo is called as a “Cow Buffalo”.

9) When a female buffalo gives birth to its offspring, it is called as a “Calf”; it gives birth to 1 calf at a time.

10) There are seven subspecies of buffalo which are known to the world.

We are providing another set of ten lines on buffalo. After going through these lines, you will know more about buffalo as a domestic animal. You can add these lines in your speech as well as in extempore, paragraph recitation etc in the competition of school.

10 Lines on Buffalo – Set 2

1) There are 185.29 million buffaloes in the world and 110 million buffaloes in India

2) Buffalo lives alone with its calves, but it is also tamed in large numbers in farms for business purposes.

3) When too many buffaloes move in a group, then their group is called as a “herd”.

4) Buffaloes are good swimmer; they can swim in deep water in search of fodder.

5) When a buffalo becomes angry, it could destroy the surroundings and the agricultural field and hit people with its head and horns.

6) “Cape buffalo” is a wild breed of buffalo which has the ability to kill a lion.

7) Buffalo is a strong animal and it is used by farmers to plough their agricultural field.

8) Buffalo farming is a good business for their milk, meat, skin and horns.

9) It is a profitable business because by taming a large number of buffaloes a person can earn good money by selling milk.

10) Buffaloes have the importance in religious rituals and festivals also and are a part of many rituals in south India.

Below we are providing 3rd set of 10 Lines on Buffalo for your information and knowledge. The lines have been written in simple language using easy vocabulary in order to keep it simple yet impressive. You can use these points whenever you are asked to speak or write a couple of lines on Buffalo.

10 Lines on Buffalo – Set 3

1) Buffalo is widely domesticated animal across the world, especially for milk.

2) Buffaloes belong to the Bovidae family including animals like yak, goats and domesticated cattle.

3) There are three species of buffalo the world over water buffalo, Cape buffalo and American buffalo.

4) The Indian buffaloes are classified under river types and swamp type buffaloes.

5) Buffaloes have been domesticated by humans around 5000 years back for milk and farm works.

6) Buffaloes love water and therefore they thrive in areas with good or moderate rainfall.

7) Buffaloes are a vital source of milk in India, producing 55% of the total; milk yield of the country.

8) Buffaloes are hoofed mammals and love to bathe in deep water for hours at a stretch.

9) Buffaloes love to smear their body in mud, to cool off as well as a protection against insects.

10) Buffaloes found in India have descended from Bos Arni buffaloes found in north east India.

Below we are providing 4th Set of 10 Lines on Buffalo. The lines have been written using simple vocabulary, yet they are written impressively enough to leave a mark on the audience. You can use these points to speak about buffalo, in your class or while discussing with your friends.

10 Lines on Buffalo – Set 4

1) Both the river and swamp type Indian buffaloes are called Bubalus bubalis.

2) Majority of Indian buffaloes are river type while swamp buffaloes are found mainly in eastern parts.

3) African buffalo or Cape buffalo is heavy, weighing up to 1000 Kgs and the most formidable fighter.

4) Buffalo uses its tail to swap against bugs and insects that pest on its skin.

5) Indian river buffaloes have little hump on their back which is more dominant in wild buffaloes.

6) Some Hindu communities in Gujarat believe that buffalo is the ride of goddess Vihat.

7) Indian buffaloes have a significant role in many festivals like “Sadar” a buffalo carnival in Hyderabad.

8) Buffaloes usually live in groups called herds except for the lone bulls who like to wander alone.

9) Indian wild water buffaloes are very rare due to habitat destruction, illegal hunting and diseases.

10) Despite their huge size and weight, water buffaloes could easily be herded even by children.

Buffalo is an important animal in the life of mankind, it gives us milk which contains more fat than cow’s milk, buffaloes’ skin is used in making leather items and horns are used in making buttons. Dairy farming is a very profitable business, and helps to earn good profits by selling of milk and milk products. It will not be wrong to say that buffalo is useful in its life as well as after its death.