10 Lines on Gorilla

Gorillas are big apes which can be found only in Africa. They are big animals in their primate category. An all-black body covered with hair having arms longer than legs is the feature of gorilla. Gorilla runs or moves with both the hands and legs. They are less known to climb the trees and swing from one branch to another branch. Gorillas are known to be one of the powerful animals in the jungle, hence no one dares to attack them. Generally, gorillas are shy in nature but when they are attacked or provoked, they become angry and can attack also. Gorillas rarely drink water; they eat lots of food from which they get water.

Ten Lines on Gorilla in English

We have provided ten lines on gorilla in English. After reading these lines you can know that what is a gorilla, in which class they belong, where gorillas are found, what is the height of a gorilla, what is the physical description of a gorilla, what and how much a gorilla eats, why gorilla rarely drinks water, how many species of gorillas are in the world etc.

You can add these lines in your essay and paragraph writing in your exam and in school competition. This will also be very helpful if you have been told to write 5 lines on gorilla or few lines on gorilla or facts about gorilla. The lines are easy and can also be used to write 10 lines on gorilla for class 1, class 2, class 3 or class 4:

10 Lines on Gorilla

1) Gorilla is an animal which belongs to the category of ape, which means a “Primate” which doesn’t have tail.

2) Primate is a class of monkeys which means gorillas resembles monkey and have hands, feet and a big brain.

3) Gorillas are found in Cameroon, Central Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo and other parts of Africa.

4) Gorillas also have fur on their body which is of black or grey colour.

5) Gorillas are around 6 feet tall which is equal to a tall human being.

6) Gorillas have two arms which are longer than their legs, sometimes they walk on all four.

7) Gorilla is a herbivores animal which means it eats plants, vegetables, fruits etc.

8) Gorillas eat lots of food; they eat up to 29 kgs of food every day.

9) Gorillas rarely drink water; they get water from the food which they eat.

10) Mainly, there are only five species of gorillas which are known to the world.