10 Lines on Fox

Fox is an animal which can be found, both in jungle as well as in villages and cities, foxes can be easily seen near the farms or the agricultural field. It is a most common animal in European countries. Fox looks like a dog but has the characteristics like a cat. The actions of a fox such as hunting and climbing, all are very similar to cat. Foxes are fond of eating farm prey like cocks, hens and chickens from a poultry farm.

Foxes are also known to store food; they store their food in dens or burry it in ground and eat them at regular intervals. Foxes are so quick that they disappear the place before any predator attacks them.

Ten Lines on Fox in English

We have provided ten lines on fox in English. After reading these lines you will know that what is fox, where foxes are found, with which animals a fox is compared, what is the skin colour of fox, what is the colour of fox’s ears and legs, what a fox eats, how many years a fox lives, how many species of fox are in the world etc.

These lines can be used in your essay, speech, extempore or paragraph recitation in class. It can also be used to write 5 simple sentences about fox or a short note on fox. This is also useful if you want to write 10 lines on fox for class 1, class 2, class 3 or class 4:

10 Lines on Fox – Set 1

1) Fox is a smallest member of the dog family however it has many similarities with cat.

2) Foxes are found in all continents of the world except Antarctica.

3) Fox is a small animal slightly bigger than a cat or a medium sized dog.

4) Fox’s skin is generally reddish in colour but some foxes have brown skin.

5) Fox’s ears and front of the legs are black in colour, throat and belly looks white or grey.

6) Fox is an omnivorous animal, it means it is a flesh eating as well as vegetable and fruit eating animal.

7) Fox also hunts small rats, mice, small animals and other rodents.

8) They also eat grasshoppers, bird eggs, fruits and vegetables, depending upon the types of food available.

9) There are around 37 species of foxes living in this world.

10) When foxes are kept in zoo, they live up to 14 years however in jungle they live only up to 2 years.

We have provided another set of ten lines on fox. After going through these lines, you will know that what a male and a female fox are called, what are the offspring of fox called, how many kits does a female fox gives birth, what is the group of fox called, what is the hearing capacity of fox, what is the speed of a fox, which animals are the enemies of fox, why foxes are hunted etc.

10 Lines on Fox – Set 2

1) The male fox is called as “Dog”, “Tods” or “Reynards” and female foxes are called as “Vixens”.

2) A female fox gives birth to its offspring which is called as “Kits”, “Cubs” or “Pups”.

3) Generally, a female fox gives birth to 4 to 5 kits at a time.

4) Foxes move in a group and it is called as a “Skulk”.

5) A fox’s hearing is so sharp that it can hear any voice from 40 yards away.

6) Foxes are also able to hear the things which are moving underground.

7) The speed of a fox is around 50 km per hour but “Grey fox” has the speed of 67 km per hour.

8) Wolves, Eagles and Dogs, all are the natural enemies of foxes.

9) Excessive and regular hunting of foxes have brought the population of foxes down.

10) Foxes are hunted to get their fur and skin for various use and purposes.

10 Lines on Fox

Generally, fox is a clever animal that’s why people use a nickname for a person as cunning like a fox, which means that person’s cleverness is compared with a fox. Now a days foxes have become very low in numbers due to regular and excessive hunting in the forest and in farms. People hunt the foxes for their recreation and also to obtain their skin and fur for making clothes and other products which have high price in market.