10 Lines on Ankita Raina

If we talk about the Tennis sport of females in India then the first name that comes in our mind is Sania Mirza. Definitely there is no match of Sania Mirza in the world but recently India has got a new female sportswoman belonging to tennis who has astonished the whole world by her playing skills. Her name is Ankita Raina. Ankita Raina was about 5 years old when she chose tennis as her passion which later became her profession. Ankita has got much fame at a very small age which makes her different from others.

Ten Lines on Ankita Raina

Set 1

1) Ankita Raina is a professional Tennis player from India.

2) She was born on 11th January 1993 in the Gujarat state of India.

3) Ankita is a right-handed counterpuncher in Tennis.

4) Ankita professionally debuted from a small International Tennis Federation in 2009.

5) She achieved her first victory in a single title in New Delhi in the year 2012.

6) In the same sport, she had won 1 single and 3 double titles.

7) Ankita was 4th Indian national to qualify in the top 200 ladies in the year 2018.

8) She managed to achieve a Bronze medal in the Asian Games 2018.

9) Ankita grabbed her 1st top 100 wins at Kunming Open in 2019.

10) She got inspired by Tennis from Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Sania Mirza, and Serena Williams.

Here we have brought the 2nd set of 10 lines on Ankita Raina. Ankita Raina is a very prominent Indian Tennis player and to read every single detail about her is a very prideful thing that is what made us prepare a 2nd set of ten lines about her. This set will give some other important information about her achievements. Like the first set, this set is again created in easy language keeping in mind the students of lower classes as well. So let’s begin.

Set 2

1) Ankita is from a Kashmiri Pundit family belonging to Pulwama in Kashmir.

2) The actual name of Ankita Raina is Ankita Ravinderkrishan Raina.

3) Ankita completed her graduation in commerce from Brihan Maharashtra College.

4) Ankita is dexterous in both singles as well as in doubles.

5) The name of the coach of Ankita is Hemant Bendrey.

6) Ankita is India’s number one female singles Tennis player.

7) Ankita won Gold in women’s single and mixed doubles at the 2016 South Asian Games.

8) She has recently accepted the sponsorship of the Sports Authority of Gujarat.

9) She was also provided a job by ONGC in New Delhi in the year 2013.

10) Ankita was included in the TARGET Olympic Podium Scheme of Government in April 2018.

Ankita says that meeting the current prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi in 2013 before he had held the position of Prime Minister, is one the best moments of her life that filled her with extreme motivation. Ankita is an inspiration for every girl in India who thinks that being a girl will create an obstacle for her in achieving her dream. Ankita is a true reflection of hard work and dedication which makes her a role model for every Indian.

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