10 Lines on Deepika Kumari

Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand which is widely famous as the birthplace of cricket star Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Ranchi has already got much fame but recently it has become much more famous than before because of being the birthplace of another rising female Archer Deepika Kumari. Deepika belongs to a poor family but her talent made her popular globally and has made her acclaimed many times.

Ten Lines on Deepika Kumari

Set 1

1) Deepika Kumari is a famous Indian athlete in Archery.

2) Deepika was born on 13th June 1994 in Jharkhand state in India.

3) Deepika got training from Arjun Archery Academy in Chennai.

4) She bagged the Cadet World Championship in the year 2009.

5) Deepika had won the gold medal in Youth World Archery Championship held in 2009.

6) The 2010 Common Wealth Games made her win 2 gold medals in women’s individual and in women’s team each.

7) Deepika won World Cup individual stage receiving a gold medal for the first time in May 2012.

8) Deepika was awarded the Arjun Award in 2015.

9) Deepika is engaged with Atanu Das in October 2018 who himself is an Archer.

10) Deepika was decorated with the civilian award Padma Shri in 2016.

In the second set of ten lines, we are providing some other details and different facts about the Archery queen Deepika Kumari. We have tried to put before you all the important facts which will enhance your knowledge and help you in completing her biography. School going students will be benefited from these valuable points as with the help of these lines they can make their projects more attractive.

Set 2

1) Deepika belongs to a poor family and thus has practiced archery with unprofessional bamboo-made bow and arrow.

2) Deepika’s father is a rickshaw driver while her mother is a nurse in a private hospital.

3) Her cousin Vidya Kumari is also an archer and has helped Deepika the most in her initial days.

4) Deepika started her professional Archery journey in the year 2006 from Tata Archery Academy in Jamshedpur.

5) Deepika is 2nd Indian after Palton Hansda to win the title of Cadet World Archery Champion in 2009.

6) The Sahara Sports awarded her with Outstanding Performance at CWG (Female) in the year 2010.

7) The Common Wealth Games 2010 made her win two Gold medals in Delhi.

8) Deepika has participated in the Olympics two times as in 2012 and in 2016.

9) Deepika has also been the 1st ranked player in the world for a while.

10) Deepika is the 2nd Archer to win Padma Shri as the first one was Limba Ram in 2012.

It is now clear that the path to achieving her goal after belonging to a poor family must not have been easy for Deepika but she put in all her efforts and valuable times to make her dream come true setting inspiration for all of us. Deepika has proved that what you dream must be the most important thing for you leaving all other things behind.

Deepika has practiced without advanced bows and arrows but her perseverance brought her all that one feels very hard to achieve even after practicing with modern tools and facilities. The girls like Deepika are the true daughters of India.

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