10 Lines on Manu Bhaker

Manu Bhaker is an Indian Professional Shooter belonging to the Haryana state in India. She has made feel proud to her parents, her coach and also the whole of India by her extraordinary performances in various games including Asian Games, Common Wealth Games, and Shooting World Cup. Manu started her career in shooting from a very early age and her parents say that her talent in the shooting is inherent. There is a lot to know about her life journey and achievements so let’s start by reading the following provided sets.

Ten Lines in Manu Bhaker

Set 1

1) Manu Bhaker is a professional sports shooter from India.

2) She was born on 18th February 2002 in the Jhajjar district of Haryana.

3) The name of the coach of Manu Bhaker is Jaspal Rana.

4) Manu started her international career by winning a silver medals in Asian Junior Championship 2017.

5) Winning a Gold medal in 2018 International Shooting Sport Federation World Cup was one of the greatest achievements by her.

6) This victory made Manu Bhaker the youngest Indian to win gold at the World Cup.

7) In the 2018 Common Wealth Games, Manu secured a gold medal in women 10 m pistol event.

8) The Youth Olympics 2018 again brought a gold medal for Manu Bhaker.

9) International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) 2019 made Manu win Gold.

10) Manu Bhaker has successfully qualified for a 10m pistol event at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

We have created another set of 10 important points on Manu Bhaker. This set comprises some other information on the shooting star of India. These few lines on Manu Bhaker are very useful for those who are preparing any speech, writing essays or articles or preparing any other project on the given topic. You will definitely find this set very helpful. So let’s read the below-provided set and enhance your knowledge.

Set 2

1) Manu Bhaker had an interest in Huyen Langlon martial art, tennis, boxing and skating till the age of 14.

2) Manu got her interest in professional shooting at the age of 14.

3) Her grand-father Rajkaran Saheb was a great shooter whom she got the inspiration from.

4) Her father Ram Kishan Bhaker is Chief Engineer in Merchant Navy.

5) Manu is very close to her mother Sumedha Bhaker, who is a School teacher.

6) Manu Bhaker won 9 gold medals in the 2017 National Games which were held in Kerala.

7) Manu set a record of 240.9 points in the 2018 Gold Coast Common Wealth Games.

8) She says that her coach Jaspal Rana has inspired and supported her most in taking shooting as a profession.

9) Manu got her initial shooting training in her school ‘Universal Senior Secondary School’.

10) Manu’s grandfather has taught her to work hard and understand the value of time which she says is the secret of her success.

Manu Bhaker has made India feel proud of her hard works and achievements. Her success and fame are unprecedented and they surprise the whole world. Manu Bhaker has achieved a lot in her life and she says there is a lot yet to be achieved. We would like to tell you that Manu is less than the age of 20 now and we hope that she must keep performing like this for the rest of her life so that witness her glory for many upcoming years.

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