10 Lines on Aditi Ashok

Golf is a sport originated in the United Kingdom. It has not gained much popularity in India and this is the reason why we lack the sportsperson of golf in India, especially female sports. There are so few female golfers are India which can be easily counted on fingers like Diksha Dagar, Sharmilla Nicollet, Ankita Tiwana, Kishi Sinha and Aditi Ashok, etc. Aditi Ashok is of one the prominent female golfers in India. It is worth to read about her that is why we have created a set of 10 points on her. Let’s read about her.

Ten Lines on Aditi Ashok

Set 1

1) Aditi Ashok is a professional female sportsperson related to golf in India.

2) Aditi was born in Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, on 29th March 1998.

3) Aditi has completed her schooling from ‘The Frank Anthony Public School’ in Bangalore.

4) Aditi was supported by her father to practice at the ‘Karnataka Golf Association’.

5) Aditi is the first Indian and also the youngest one to win ‘Lalla Aicha Tour School’.

6) She has participated in the Asian Games, Asian Youth Games, Olympic Games, and Youth Olympic Games and became the only female golfer to do so.

7) Aditi has been National Amateur Champion two times in 2011 and also in 2014.

8) Aditi has also won Junior Championship Title for 3 consecutive years 2012, 2013 and 2014.

9) Reportedly she is the 1st Asian to win Lawson Trophy and St. Rule Trophy both in 2015.

10) She was the first and also the youngest female golfer qualifying for Rio Olympics 2016.

The second set of 10 lines on Aditi Ashok is provided below to make you aware of all those important facts which were not discussed in the 1st set given above. With some other useful information, this set is equally important for the reader to have sufficient knowledge of the life journey of the great golfer so why to make a delay in reading the provided 2nd set, let’s start right now.

Set 2

1) Mr. Ashok Gudlamani, the father of Aditi, is himself a very good domestic golf player.

2) Aditi has completed her graduation in the year 2016.

3) Aditi debuted in the Golf tournament at the early age of 9.

4) She is the first ‘LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association)’ player from India.

5) Aditi has also played USHA Karnataka Junior, Asia Pacific Junior Championship, Southern India Junior and Faldo Series Asia.

6) Aditi is the first Indian amateur to play the Sanya Ladies Open 2015.

7) The year 2011 made her the youngest winner of the ‘Women Golf Association of India’.

8) Aditi’s father Mr. Ashok is now the Caddie of Aditi and he finds it the moment of pride.

9) Aditi credits her success to her parents as they supported her most for her dreams.

10) Aditi was to get Arjun Award in 2018 but unfortunately missed because of a lack of communication between governing body and golf association.

Aditi Ashok is very versed in her playing manner and that is what makes her different from the others. Her father says that Aditi started playing golf from the age of 6 and her interest in golf from so early age is the actual reason behind her success.

Another reason for the success of Aditi can be the huge support of her parents in pursuing her dream which is an important thing. By the way, Aditi is the pride of India and she has made feel proud every time whenever she got the chance to represent her motherland. We hope for the best of the Aditi in the rest of her career because we have to witness many glorious events for India by her.

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