10 Lines on Rani Rampal

Rani Rampal is an India Sports player belonging Indian women hockey team and is the captain of the team. Rani belongs to a very poor family where her father Mr. Rampal pulls a horse cart to earn the livelihood for his family and her mother is a homemaker. Rani had a profound interest in hockey since a very early age but belonging to such a society where women are not treated equally to men, she found it hard to make hockey her profession. Rani was strongly supported by her parents and that is from where she had got the inspiration and strength to be the shining star of India.

Ten Lines on Rani Rampal

Set 1

1) Rani Rampal is a player in the Indian women field hockey team.

2) Rani Rampal was born on 4th December 1994 which was a Sunday.

3) Rani was coached by Baldev Singh in the Shahabad Hockey Academy.

4) Later she was trained by Mr. Harendra Singh to be a part of the International team.

5) Rani joined the Indian hockey team at the age of 14 and was the youngest player in the team.

6) Rani was a member of the Indian team in the 2009 Champion Challenge Tournament in which her stupendous performance made India win a gold medal.

7) She was a part of the junior hockey team in the 2013 World Cup, where India had won a bronze medal.

8) Rani was the youngest player with scoring the highest number of goals in the World Cup 2010 held in Canada.

9) Rani has also worked as the Assistant Coach in the Sports Authority of India.

10) The year 2016 brought the glorious Arjun award for Rani Rampal.

Another set of 10 lines is provided below. This 2nd set is made with some additional information related to Rani Rampal that is worth to be known. The reader must also read the provided extra information and enhance his/her knowledge. We have tried to use only basic words and simple language for the convenience of the reader so we hope that you won’t face any kind of confusion while reading the set. So let’s begin with the 1st point of 2nd set.

Set 2

1) Rani Rampal was born in the Kurukshetra district of Haryana state in India.

2) Her coach Baldev Singh has been the winner of the Dronacharya Award.

3) Rani was titled ‘The Top Goal Scorer’ and ‘The Young Player of the Tournament’ in the Champion Challenge Tournament held in 2009.

4) The Indian team managed to achieve a silver medal in Asia Cup 2009 because of the performance of Rani Rampal.

5) She had scored a total of 7 goals in the Women Hockey World Cup in 2010 which made India be ranked in 9th position in the world.

6) On seeing the dexterity of Rani in hockey, the Indian Railway appointed her as a clerk.

7) Rani was supported by GoSports Foundation in her initial days of taking hockey professionally.

8) She was also given the ‘FICCI Comeback of the Year Award’ in the year 2014.

9) Rani and her parents have struggled a lot to make her a hockey player belonging to the society where women are not allowed for it.

10) Rani Rampal is currently the captain of the Indian women hockey team.

People around her and watching her playing in the ground call her the deadly combo of skill and accuracy she has. As the captain of the Indian hockey team, Rani’s dedication is worth to be praised. Rani is the ‘Golden Girl’ of hockey and being the captain of the team; Rani is quite sure about the best performance of the Indian team in the Olympic Games of 2020.

The whole world has evidenced the extraordinary performances of Rani Rampal in various championships including Asian Games and Commonwealth Games. We can surely say that there are a lot of moments yet to come in which we will experience the best performance of team India with the help of Rani Rampal.

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