10 Lines on Bula Choudhury

There may be no person in India who would have never heard about Bula Choudhury. Bula has been a very legendary female swimmer in India whose popularity, achievements and records are much more than her age. Bula had the talent and interest in swimming since a very early age and it was her father who first noticed her performing extraordinarily in swimming. He was very happy with and wanted to make her a professional swimmer but due to lack of facilities at that time, he used to bring her daughter to the nearby Hugli River where she made her practice her own swimming.

Ten Lines on Bula Choudhury

Set 1

1) Bula Choudhury is a female swimmer born in India.

2) Bula was born on 2nd January 1970 in West Bengal, the state of India.

3) She astonished the whole world by winning six gold medals just at the age of 9.

4) She bagged a record of 100m butterfly in only 1:06 minutes in the year 1984.

5) Bula set another record in Seoul Asian Games 1986 by completing 100m in 1:05 minutes.

6) Bula has the prestigious record of being the first woman to cross all seven seas across the world.

7) She has crossed the English Channel two times, one in 1989 and the other in 1999.

8) Bula was awarded the most decorated sports award ‘Arjun Award’ in 1990.

9) She has also been conferred the Padma Shri.

10) Another award that comes in her list is ‘Tenzing Norgay lifetime adventure sports award’.

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Set 2

1) Bula Choudhury is famous for her adventures in long-distance swimming.

2) Bula had practiced her initial swimming stunts in the famous Hugli River.

3) She started her long-distance swimming career in 1989.

4) Her astonishing performance in the ‘South Asia Federation Games’ in 1991 made her get six gold medals.

5) Bula also has the record of being the first woman to cross the English Channel twice.

6) Bula was presented the ‘Tenzing Norgay lifetime adventure sports award’ in 2004 by the president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

7) Bula had crossed the 7 seas in the world, taking about 14 hours whole.

8) Her husband Sanjeev Chakraborty is also a world level swimmer.

9) The sea channels across the globe crossed by her are Cook Strait, Gibraltar, the Catalina Channel off the California Coast, Toroneos Gulf and The Tyrrhenian Sea.

10) Bula has also been the Member of the Legislative Assembly from West Bengal.

Bula chose swimming as her career and started working on it at the time when India was going through the man dominated era. We can easily understand that her journey might not have been easy but the support of her parents and especially her father made her dream come true. Bula attached her all emotions and dedications with swimming and swimming made her an ever-shining star in the world.

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