10 Lines on Agneepath Scheme 2022 for Students of Class 1, 2, 3, and 4

Agneepath is the newly proposed scheme by the government for the youth of India.

Today, in the world many unemployed people are still working hard and waiting for new job opportunities. The condition of India is none different. Among them, there are many who want to get employed in the government sector. Also, there are many youths who want to serve India by getting deployed in the Armed forces. For this category of youth, the government of India proposed a scheme by the name “Agneepath”. Let’s discuss this further so that you will get to know this scheme much better.

Paragraph on Agneepath Scheme

Ten Lines on Agnipath Scheme 2022 for Students in English

Here, I’m providing ten lines on the scheme “Agneepath” in the form of sets for students of classes 1, 2 3, and 4. This topic is useful for all the youths and citizens who want to understand this scheme better.

10 Lines on Agneepath Scheme for Class 1 – Set 1

1) On 14 May 2022 Saturday, the Agneepath scheme was passed by the Union Cabinet.

2) This game-changing project was declared by the Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh on 14 June 2022 (Tuesday).

3) It is a scheme for recruiting youth for Indian Armed Forces.

4) Under this scheme, recruitment will be done for the Navy, Air force, and Indian Army.

5) Recruitment under this scheme will be done for approximately 46,000 posts.

6) This scheme applies only to citizens between the 17.5 – 21 age group.

7) In the first year, candidates will be paid 30,000 per month as the salary.

8) Under this scheme, youths will be recruited for 4 years of service.

9) Out of all soldiers, only about 25% will be kept as permanent.

10) The remaining soldiers will be given “Seva Nidhi” (Rs. 11.71 Lakh+interest) and allowed to go.

10 Lines on Agneepath Scheme for Class 2 – Set 2

1) Soldiers recruited under the scheme of Agneepath will be referred to as “Agniveers”.

2) Selected candidates will be given 6 months of training included in the 4 years of service tenure.

3) This scheme aims to provide more youth faces to the Indian Armed Forces.

4) This scheme will also help in fulfilling job demands to some extent.

5) Agniveers will be deprived of the facilities like pension and gratuity.

6) Other allowances like ration, traveling allowance, risk and hardship will also be given.

7) Under this scheme, every year 46,000 candidates will be recruited.

8) Agniveers will be awarded the certificate of the training.

9) After training candidates will be posted to areas like Jammu and Kashmir borders.

10) Agniveers after 4 years of service will be given priority in civilian jobs.

10 Lines on Agneepath Scheme for Class 3 – Set 3

1) This scheme is for people who want to join the Indian Army.

2) This incredible scheme is proposed by the Central Government.

3) This scheme will hire candidates for posts below the officer rank.

4) The in-hand salary of Agniveers will be 21,000 in the first year.

5) By the end of the service, the salary of Agniveers can be increased up to 40,000 per month.

6) A life insurance cover of 48 Lakh will be given to the Agniveers for four years.

7) A total of 1 crore will be given to the family in case of death.

8) Out of their total salary, 30 % will be deducted for the Seva Nidhi package.

9) The equal amount deducted from the salary will be paid by the government with interest to form the Seva Nidhi package. 

10) Many youths are angry with this scheme due to the eligibility criteria.

10 Lines on Agneepath Scheme for Class 4 – Set 4

1) This scheme will be helpful in enhancing security forces.

2) Many youths came in protesting against this scheme.

3) Areas like UP, Bihar, and Haryana registers youth’s violent protests.

4) Apart from youth dissatisfaction, many political parties also opposed this scheme.

5) The Seva Nidhi package will be excluded from income taxes.

6) This scheme will reduce the age of the Armed Forces from 32 to 26.

7) This scheme will be a golden opportunity for youths who have dreamed to join the Indian Army.

8) The training will help in developing skills like teamwork, physical fitness, etc.

9) For getting selected, candidates must have the desired qualification (minimum qualification: candidate must have passed 10th with 45% aggregate marks and 33% in each subject for Agniveer general duty.).

10) Government believes that this scheme will transform the Indian Army into the world’s best army.

This recently introduced Agnipath Scheme seems good for youth but it also leaves many unanswered questions behind. This scheme guarantees 4 years of service but what about after? They mention that it is a way to reduce unemployment but most of the youth of the country are beyond the age limit of 21. Due to many reasons, many people are supporting this scheme while in many places youth are open to violent protests against it.

I hope the above provided lines on Agnipath Scheme would help in understanding this scheme closely.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Agneepath Scheme 2022

Q.1 When will the recruitment process start?

Ans. The recruitment process will start in September-October 2022.

Q.2 Is this scheme only for boys?

Ans. No, girls belonging to the desired age group can also apply for this job.

Q.3 Will there be entrance exams?

Ans. No, there will be no entrance exams, candidates will be selected on a merit basis.