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10 Lines on National Festivals of India

National Festivals of India must be given due credit of uniting the whole Country for celebrating under one roof portraying National unity and patriotism.

Ten Lines on National Festivals of India in English

Important ten points on National Festivals of India are as given below-

  1. India celebrates three National Festivals.
  2. Republic Day is celebrated on 26th January commemorating inception of the Constitution of India.
  3. Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August, to celebrate India’s freedom from British Empire.
  4. Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on 2nd October to mark the birth of Mahatma Gandhi.
  5. National Festivals are observed as National Holidays.
  6. Head of State of a Country is invited as Chief Guest on Republic Day.
  7. The President of India presides over the Republic Day Celebrations in the National Capital.
  8. The Prime Minister presides over the Independence Day celebrations at Lal Quila.
  9. National Festivals involves the display of military might and cultural heritage of the Nation.
  10. On Gandhi Jayanti people are informed about the fruits of cleanliness and non-violence.

National Festivals are National treasure; they revive our deep rooted cultural and spiritual values and remind us of the sacrifices of our freedom fighters and National Leaders.