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10 Lines on National Festivals Celebration

National Festivals in schools are celebrated with much enthusiasm and excitement by all the students. They take part in the Celebrations with exceptional zeal and enrich their knowledge about Mother India.

Ten Lines on National Festivals Celebration in Schools in English

10 important points about the celebration of National Festivals in schools are given below-

  1. Children from all the classes and background take active participation.
  2. Stage plays are organized by students in memory of freedom fighters.
  3. Patriotic slogans and songs are sung by the students in the memory of freedom fighters.
  4. The campus reverberates with the sounds of loud thumping of drums playing the tune of Jana Gana Mana.
  5. March Past is done by the student’s NCC wing of School.
  6. Framer of the Constitution BabaSaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar is felicitated on Republic Day.
  7. Stalls selling various items colored as National Flag and replicas of National Flag are erected.
  8. Children enrich their wisdom and knowledge listening to the speeches of Principal and other dignitaries present.
  9. Plays portraying India’s cultural and religious heritage are organized.
  10. Children and teachers take active part in cleaning their school and society on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.

Among all the festivals celebrated in schools, National festival stand apart as they are celebrated with unparallel enthusiasm and excitement by the students and teachers alike.