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“Time is Money” is the famous phrase used by the great author “Benjamin Franklin” in his book of “Advice to a young Tradesman”. It has now become the motivational and encouraging tagline for lots of people who want to get a desired success in their life. So, we have provided below some essays on this famous motivational phrase of “Time is Money” under different words count.

All these essays are written in easy and simple English language with knowledgeable and useful information. Two categories we have defined here for essays, one is “Long Essay on Time is Money” and other is “Short Essay on Time is money”.

Short Essay on Time is Money

In this category, three small time is money essays are given with words count of 100, 200 and 300.

All these three essays are described in brief but important knowledgeable information on the phrase of “Time is money”. Generally, these essays are suitable for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Time is Money Essay 1 (100 words)

“Time is money” or also we can say that time is priceless and precious. Time can be used for earning money and we can actually do it but on the other side, we cannot use money to get our lost time back. It means time is more precious than money or any other thing existed in this world.

“Time and Tide waits for none” is almost relevant to “Time is Money” which means time does not wait for anyone, it just flow and flow continuously. Everyone gets equal time, it just depends on person whether he/she use it for profit or just waste it due to laziness or irresponsible behaviour.

Time is Money Essay 2 (200 words)

“Time is money” is a proverb which means that we should not waste our time and respect it more than money we have. Though, this sentence sounds just simple wordings but if we go into depth of this famous phrase we will find that what it actually means. Time is that invisible thing which can change a person’s life entirely.

A person who respect the value of time can get the desired success in his or her life but if does not understand the value of it can also destroy his or her life completely. Time is precious and priceless for those who have experienced the good or bad effects of it in their life.

If we still not understand the value of time we will not be able to get any kind of success in life. Thus we should all respect the value of time and also teach our new generations to do the same. To manage time in our life we should do all our work including daily routine activities on proper time. We should set a time table for our daily routine work either at home or work place. If we manage our work without wasting too much time then we can easily find the positive results in our life very soon.

Time is Money Essay 3 (300 words)

Time is Money, Time is priceless and Time is precious, all the taglines are almost with the same meaning. Overall, time refers as that unstoppable thing which just runs and runs and can never wait and comes back for anyone. Time neither can be purchased nor can be stored, you just have to live your life according to always running time with better use of it.

A life is priceless gift to us by God and we should use it for our and societies betterment. It is truly said by someone that “Time and Tide waits for none” which means time doesn’t wait for anyone. In this fastest changing and growing world, if we still don’t understand the importance of time we can be deprived from getting the success in life.

Importance of time matters not only for young age people but same for all. Habit of understanding the importance and live the time oriented life style for new generation should be introduced in them since their childhood. This good habit of taking time seriously is as important as any other thing that is necessary for living. We cannot deny the importance of time as many great legends with time punctuality has done better in their life and set an example in front of us.

Nothing is more powerful or precious than time. Time can bring all things in life but nothing can bring time back in our life. Time is like those running rivers that does not stop or flow in back direction; they just flow and flow ahead. Though we cannot hold time but we can go with it and make our lifestyle in such manner that we just do our best with the efficient use of it. If we still not understand the value of time we will actually spoil our life completely.

Long Essay on Time is Money

In this category, two types of long essays are given with 400 and 600 words count. Both the essays contain useful and detailed information on this phrase of “Time is Money” and are written especially for those students of higher classes who take participation in essay writing competition. Apart from this, various other purposes of students can be solved by using long essays on “Time is Money”:

Time is Money Essay 4 (400 words)

“Time is money” means by using time in an efficient manner we can get money and by wasting it we can lose the opportunity of earning money. Destiny of a person is not predictable and we never know that when a good opportunity comes to us, it just depends on us how we use time. A single moment is enough to be the reason of getting heights of success or a big fall down in life. Thus we should always prepare for grabbing the opportunity which comes to us at any stage of life. Time is precious and never waits for any one whether rich or poor and king or beggar.

Time has so much power that it can change a human’s life completely. It can convert a successful or powerful rich person into helpless poor man and a poor man into a rich person. It is only depends on you whether you understand the value of time or take it for granted.

Importance and value of time is different for all. A student use it for taking knowledge, a working man to earn money and a house lady to do her house works by keeping the importance of time in mind.

In today’s world, everyone is just running behind money, fame and success. Competition has arisen in all fields that have influenced all age group of people and children. Thus, if we want our children to get success in future life, we should prepare them since their childhood in such manner that they understand the value of time and can be able to take benefit of their important time by doing good things in life.

Since the time of their wake up in the morning till the sleeping in night every single activity should be done at proper pre decided time and this timetable should be followed through the entire life.

The best example of understanding the importance and value of time is that, when we lose money we can get it back by using time but if time is lost we cannot get it back by using money or any other thing.

In conclusion, we can just say that time is money and time is priceless, by using it in proper manner no one can defeat us at any stage of life. Neither we can buy it nor we can sale it; we just can use it every single moment.

Time is Money Essay 5 (600 words)


“Time is money” is the famous phrase or quote. It was first used by the great author “Benjamin Franklin” in historical time in his famous book of “Advice to a Young Tradesman”, which has become the inspiration of life for many people. Though this common phrase of “Time is Money” sounds very simple and ordinary line but it means a lot. These two words consist the right way of better living and those who are following it can achieve a lot during their life.

Time never waits for anyone and to live with and according to time is the key of success for all. Time is as equivalent to money but money is not comparable by time as “we can earn money by using time but using money we cannot earn time” this is the truth of life and we cannot ignore it. Also we can say that when we lose money we can get it back but if we lose time no one can get it back for us.

A famous and common phrase connects and relates with the phrase of “Time is Money” that is “Time and Tide waits for none” which means passed time never comes back for any one. We should understand and respect the value of time, by using our precious time we can get and touch the heights of success.

We all should teach our children about the importance of time since their childhood and help them in making their routine by keeping the importance of time in mind. All the activities starting in the morning till the bed time in night should be pre decided and according to the time for the betterment of our and our children’s life.

Importance of Time:

Importance of time differs for all age of people. Once a kid is grown up, his or her childhood never comes back; similarly a student always tries his/her best throughout the year for getting good marks or grade just because they know the importance of time. In the same manner for different purpose, people just use their precious time by doing their best efforts for fulfilling their different kind of wish, as they know that time will not wait for them.

A person gets life for once only and this is the biggest fact of universe. It is only depends on us that how we use it, whether we get lots of achievement during our life or just spoil it by wasting our precious time. Intelligent people are those who manage and live according to the time by using each and every moment of their precious life and did some great works which remind us about those people.

Famous story of Ant and Grasshopper is the good example of this phrase “Time is Money”. In this story, an ant spent it’s all time of summer season in collecting food for the season of winter and Grasshopper was happy with the food that he had for that time only. When winter came ant had plenty of food in storage as she was much aware about the importance of time. Whereas grasshopper had nothing to eat in winter season as he was happy in relaxing and wasting his time. Thus, we all should be like an ant in order to face different circumstances in life.


Above story is just an example but has an important essence of life, this formula should be followed by all of us to get extreme success in life. By using our precious time we cannot only improve our own quality of life but also can contribute in the betterment of society and nation.



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