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“A stitch in time saves nine”, is a famous old saying refers that proper time management in doing or performing any work always results better for us. Laziness or idleness are the biggest enemies of a human as much we delay in our work, we would have to do double or triple efforts for its completion and if this small matter is understood by all then no work would be difficult or unsolvable for anyone. Any kind of problem we have to face in our daily life maybe it is personal, physical or social, if it is not solved within the time then we must have to suffer further in resolving that which later takes more time.

Sample essay on A Stitch in Time Saves Nine for Students

Essay 1 (400 words)


People who are habitual to avert their work for the next day require understanding the meaning of this old saying “A stitch in time saves nine” on an urgent basis. This English proverb defines that the practice of completing all your work on time would result in positive in your life as well as helps you in achieving great success in life. A little management in time can be much beneficial for you in the future.

Its Application in Real Life

It’s always better to solve any kind of matter or issue at its initial stage before it converts into a large problem and becomes impossible to handle for anyone. To avoid difficulties or any kind of trouble, we need all our work to finish on time so that we can abstain from the bundle of work pending for us.

Small negligence may be very harmful to us in future like if someone has a habit of taking drugs or alcohol then it’s better to leave such habits at its initial stage and if a person is strongly addicted of drugs or alcohol, it would be too difficult for them to get rid of these habits.

We can take some other examples for explaining this phrase “A stitch in time saves nine” that a small cold may be the cause of some big disease if we do not take the proper treatment at its starting stage. Immediate action for any such issue would always affect in a positive manner and save us from the big problem which would come in front of us due to our laziness or idleness.

A small crack in the cemented wall may be the cause of the housing collapse if that crack is not repaired on time. Same as carelessness or negligence from your side towards children may be the reason for the increased distance or difference in thoughts of you and your kids. If we consider this issue at a social level, many such issues exist here that require immediate action by every citizen of our country. Women empowerment, child abuse, unemployment, etc are some of the major problems in India that require action and support from all groups of people in India.


A little bit of precaution and commitment of time management towards your work, family, society or nation would definitely result in a positive manner. Thus, it’s always better to make things completed on time in spite of leaving it for tomorrow whether the problem is related to physical, personal or social.

Essay 2 (600 words)


Someone has truly made this statement that “A stitch in time saves nine”, means that if we take our work seriously and do it within the time then we never face any kind of problem in the future. By delaying or postponing our duties or work for tomorrow, we just have to do double and trouble efforts for completing it thus ignorance or negligence of our duties is just a foolish decision taken by us.

Whether the problem is related to physical, personal or social we all require quick attention and action from our side. The habit of laziness and leaving things on the next day is the worst habit of a person which prohibits them to get success in life, we need to remove this habit from us on an immediate basis.

‘A Stitch in Time Saves Nine’ Useful for Everyone

Everyone should know the importance of time for achieving some great things in life. Even we should all teach our children to understand the time management to get better results in life. Many of us leave our work for tomorrow and days after tomorrow, thus this act of delaying work affect negatively on us in various manners.

For example, if we got injured by an iron pin and we ignore it in spite of doing treatment by applying antiseptic on it then we would have to face the critical disease in terms of infection or increased septic.

Leaving our duties on others or on the next day is the bad quality in a person that requires to be recovered or end on a prime basis. To repair or solve some kind of damage or problem, in the beginning, is much easier and beneficial for all. We can take several examples of making people understand this fact.

  1. Kind of bad habits in human beings like drugs, smoking or alcohol can be quit in beginning time but if people got addicted to these things, it would be very difficult for anyone to get rid of this situation.
  2. In the case of personal relations with family and friends, we require to have transparency among us. If we interpret dent by our closed ones then we may face the situation of broken relations thus it’s better to clarify your views in front of them in the beginning before it gets too late.
  3. Social issues existed in our country also need attention on a quick base like child labor, female foeticide, dowry system, pollution, population, and unemployment. Though various organizations are working for the betterment of our country still these issues are not ended till now in India. These crimes or issues require continuous effort by each and every citizen of this country until we get success in removing it from the root.


To make things according to us we need to have time management in our daily routine life. Due to having laziness nature sometimes people ignore the bad impact of delaying things for further which should not be acceptable by anyone. The quality of taking things seriously and efficiently working on it would save you from any kind of trouble in life.


In the end, it is advisable to those people who are fond of leaving or ignoring things and take all matter lightly in life that time management is the best quality; a person can have if he wants to achieve something great in life. We should do our work on time in spite of cursing or blaming others. Destiny would definitely change according to your hard work and efforts and will always be in your favor.

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