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10 Lines on Agra

When we hear about Agra, we generally think of the Taj Mahal but Agra is not only about the Taj Mahal but has a very rich history. Situated at the bank of river Yamuna, the city is supposed to be one of the ancient cities of the country. Let’s explore some of the highlighted facts …

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10 Lines on Apple

We can say the first-ever fruit we have got to know about in our life would be Apple. In KGs everyone has read A for Apple. Apple can be considered as one of the most loving and consumable fruits worldwide. It is a healthy and tasty fruit and should be consume by everyone for a …

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Paragraph on ISRO

ISRO is no doubt India’s one of the apex and respected government organization. From giving India a secure communication system to launching highest no of satellites in the world, ISRO has delivered always. It is currently on of the leading space agencies in the world. Even after some setbacks ISRO shined and became a centre …

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Paragraph on Emergency in India

Emergency in India was a long period of black phase in Indian History. Many historians consider it dark and some call it death of democracy. Of all the emergencies took place, the emergency of 1975 is a stain till date. There were arrests, attacks and sterilizations which created a negative image over the people of …

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Paragraph on Universal Adult Franchise

Democracy states that the formation of government depends upon the elections. The people directly or indirectly vote for their candidates to be elected. The countries having a democratic form of government has great importance of Universal adult franchise. We will be discussing the Universal Adult Franchise in the various short and long paragraphs given below. …

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