10 Lines on Apple

We can say the first-ever fruit we have got to know about in our life would be Apple. In KGs everyone has read A for Apple. Apple can be considered as one of the most loving and consumable fruits worldwide. It is a healthy and tasty fruit and should be consume by everyone for a healthy life.

Ten Lines on Apple Fruit in English

Now have a look on 10 lines on Apples in 2 sets.

10 Lines on Apple – Set 1

1) In India, Apples are mostly produced in Jammu Kashmir.

2) Apple is a very rich source of antioxidants.

3) It helps in building a powerful immune system in humans.

4) Apple is a rich source of Vitamin C also.

5) It enhances the digestion of human beings.

6) It is a source of minerals and fibres too.

7) Eating apples daily will make skin glowing and brighter.

8) Apple contains some enzymes that are very beneficial for the human brain.

9) Eating apple regularly can control ageing of the body.

10) It is said that ‘An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away’.

10 Lines on Apple in English – Set 2

1) Apple can detoxify the body because of the presence of Pectin in it.

2) Apples have different varieties, colors, and sizes.

3) Apple is a good source of potassium and magnesium.

4) Apples are available in green, red, and yellow.

5) Apple is a good source of Proteins, iron, and calcium.

6) To get the proper benefit, one should eat apple in the morning.

7) Peel of Apple is very rich in nutrients itself.

8) Apple is used in making Juice, apple pies, and marmalade.

9) The seeds of Apples are toxic (poisonous).

10) Apple is the National Fruit of Germany.

10 Lines On Apple

Apples are cultivated across the world and are the most grown species in its genus ‘Malus’. The tree is supposed to be originated in Central Asia. Apples have different religious as well as mythological significance in some cultures. Including one or two apples in a daily diet can help in preventing several diseases.