10 Lines on Agra

When we hear about Agra, we generally think of the Taj Mahal but Agra is not only about the Taj Mahal but has a very rich history. Situated at the bank of river Yamuna, the city is supposed to be one of the ancient cities of the country.

Let’s explore some of the highlighted facts about this famous city below.

Ten Lines on Agra in English

Set 1

1) Agra is a very populous city of Uttar Pradesh.

2) It is said that Agra is reformed in 1504 by Sultan Sikandar Lodi.

3) Agra is the 23rd most populous city of India.

4) Common language used in Agra is Hindi.

5) Locally Braj Language is also used in Agra.

6) ‘Agra Fort’ and ‘Taj Mahal’ situated in Agra are considered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

7) In the era of Akbar, Agra was named Akbarabad.

8) Agra is very famous for Pethas (a sugar syrup-dipped sweet dish made of Pumpkin).

9) Agra is a commercial and industrial Centre for leather and handwoven crafts as well as cut stones.

10) Agra is very famous for its Mughlai Foods.

Set 2

1) Agra was a major contributor to the world economy in Mughal’s Period.

2) Great Mughal King Akbar’s Tomb is situated in Agra.

3) Agra was a very stable & secure capital for the Mughals.

4) Agra is one of the cities in ‘The Golden Triangle’ cities of India.

5) Main crops of Agra are Wheat, Barley, Cotton, and Millet.

6) Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Jama Mosque, Chini Ka Rauza are some of the famous monuments situated in Agra.

7) The oldest St John’s College founded in 1850 is also situated in Agra.

8) Every year in February, a very famous 10-day carnival, Taj Mahotsav is celebrated in Agra.

9) The climate of Agra is very different from any other city of India.

10) Agra is also known as the leading manufacturer of Shoes in the country.

Agra is a very attractive, vibrant, and charming city having several histories of it. It is said that Agra is found before the era of Mahabharata, at that time it was known as Agravana. In Agra, we can see three different regions of the Lodi Dynasty, Mughal Dynasty, and British Empire very well. So when you plan to visit Agra, never think of the Taj Mahal only.