10 Lines on World Students Day

Abdul Kalam was a person of a very reliable personality who believed that India's youth is the future of India. World Teacher's Day is celebrated every year on 15th October. Due to his love for students and focus on promoting education, the United Nations declared the birthday of APJ Abdul Kalam i.e. October 15th as, as World Students Day in 2010.

This day is celebrated all over the world to commemorate the birthday of the 12th President of India, Mr. Abdul Kalam.

Ten Lines on World Vidyarthi Diwas (World Students Day) in English

Given below are Ten Lines on world Vidyarthi Diwas which will help you to understand the importance of this day.

You can use these lines in your essays or speeches to be given on the occasion. You can also use them in your morning assembly, debates and discussions, short paragraphs and essays and get the appreciation from your teachers.

These sets of ten points on World Students Day will also useful in G.K. competitions and entrance tests and will improve your knowledge as these sets are presented in lucid tone that can be kept in memory for a long time.

10 Lines on World Students Day – Set 1

1) World Vidyarthi Diwas is celebrated every year on 15th October.

2) This day is celebrated to remember the former President of India, who was also called Missile Man, Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam's birthday.

3) World Students Day is celebrated in schools, colleges and educational institutions in India and around the world.

4) In 1981, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was awarded the Padma Bhushan and in 1990 the Padma Vibhushan for his works in the development of missiles and space technology.

5) He was later awarded the Bharat Ratna Award which is the highest civilian award in India.

6) On this day various activities, events and competitions are organized in schools and colleges to remember his birthday.

7) Competitions such as debate, group discussions, essay writing, speeches, are oraganised at different levels.

8) Schools and colleges also host science fairs, science exhibitions to generate interest in science and technology in the minds of students.

9) Teachers show science videos and documentaries for students to create interest among the upcoming generations.

10) Competitions such as poster making and banner making are also hosted to promote awareness about science among students.

Another set of Ten Lines on World Students Day has been bestowed below for perusal of our avid readers that will provide you some special information on Vidyarthi Diwas. These points will describe about the thinking of A.P.J. Kalam towards the youth and their development with the progress of science and technology in the country.

This set of ten special Lines on Vidyarthi Diwas is also important for students who will be inspired by reading this set and shape their career as Kalam had wished for them. These few points can also be used to write something about this special day.

10 Lines on World Students Day – Set 2

1) October 15, the birthday of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has been declared as Vidyarthi Diwas by the United Nations.

2) Kalam was connected with the students through knowledge, education and his speeches; he himself was an inspiration to the students.

3) World Vidyarthi Diwas is a celebration of multiculturalism, diversity and cooperation among students around the world.

4) Dr. Kalam always encouraged the students to do better in life through his writings and speeches.

5) According to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the aim of the students' lives should be, to gain knowledge through all possible sources, to work hard and never give up on the problem.

6) According to him, to be an exceptional student, mere text book knowledge is not enough; he must rely on reading, understanding and practical application of theory.

7) Dr. Kalam, a humble man, who regarded youth as one of the greatest powers of modern India and preached them time to time through his lectures.

8) Vishwa Vidyarthi Diwas is celebrated in all schools and colleges in India and the efforts of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam have endeavored to make the society progress.

9) On this day his important and famous statements are repeated in schools to inspire the youth through posters and writing competitions in schools and colleges.

10) Apart from this, science exhibition is also organized in many places on this day in honour of APJ Abdul Kalam.