10 Lines on World Hypertension Day

World Hypertension Day is celebrated every year on 17th May to raise the public awareness about blood pressure of human body. The day is celebrated around the globe in order to make the common public aware about the heart diseases due to rising blood pressure in human body. It also awares about the precautions in daily lifestyle which should be taken in order to reduce the frequency of the heart diseases in entire life span. World Hypertension Day is celebrated by many health organizations around the world which organize campaigns, free health screening or check up camps.

Ten Lines on World Hypertension Day

Set 1

1) World Hypertension Day is celebrated on 17th May every year to raise public awareness about hypertension.

2) The celebration was initiated by the World Hypertension League in the year 2005.

3) Hypertension also is known as high blood pressure is a condition of the human body in which the level of blood force is too high against the arteries.

4) World Hypertension Day is a global health awareness program focusing on blood pressure of the human body.

5) It helps in reducing blood pressure-related disease worldwide by running global health awareness campaigns.

6) Every year government, NGOs and civil communities jointly hold awareness programmes on blood pressure-related diseases on the occasion of World Hypertension Day.

7) There are around 1 billion people worldwide suffering from high blood pressure.

8) Almost 7.5 million deaths have been recorded per year due to high blood pressure, the leading cause of heart-related disease.

9) A healthy lifestyle like exercise, yoga, meditation, a healthy diet, etc can prevent blood pressure-related diseases.

10) Every year World Hypertension Day is celebrated with the theme to highlight the harmful effects of high blood pressure.

Set 2

1) World Hypertension Day celebration motivates people regarding preventive measures of heart diseases.

2) Nations around the globe organize various events like health check-up campaigns, discussions, seminars, etc to celebrate World Hypertension Day.

3) World Hypertension Day celebration highlights the causes of high blood pressure leading to heart diseases.

4) World Hypertension Day 2018 theme was “Know Your Numbers” aimed at increasing high blood pressure (BP) awareness around the world.

5) On World Hypertension Day, health sessions are organized in order to educate medical professionals about their roles and responsibilities in handling heart diseases.

6) The celebration stresses the importance of local and national health administration in controlling blood pressure and heart diseases.

7) World Hypertension Day is celebrated every year in order to reduce the occurrence of heart attacks by raising awareness through worldwide media campaigns.

8) Various posters along with fact sheets about heart diseases and blood pressure are distributed in organizations, civil communities on World Hypertension Day.

9) Many events like awareness walks, question and answer sessions, presentation sessions with health experts mainly doctors are organized on World Hypertension Day.

10) The volunteers, health experts, general public participate in the event being organized at various places in the country to celebrate World Hypertension Day.

10 Lines on World Hypertension Day

Set 3

1) Hypertension has a misconception of being a problem of High BP or Tension.

2) Hypertension has now targeted around 30% of the adult population worldwide.

3) This day gives a good opportunity to focus on health and life.

4) Hypertension can cause chest pain or lead to heart failure.

5) The 2021 World Hypertension Day was set on the theme of “Measure your Blood Pressure, Control it, Live Longer.

6) Overweight and obesity can lead to hypertension.

7) Many experts suggest having a regular BP checkup at regular intervals.

8) About 1.1 billion people in the world are suffering from Hypertension.

9) 1 in 4 men and 1 in 5 women are prone to have hypertension.

10) One of the major causes of premature death is hypertension.

Set 4

1) The main cases belong to low and middle-income countries.

2) WHO has planned to reduce hypertension by 25% between 2010 and 2025.

3) It can lead to heart attacks and stroke also causing blood clots.

4) Regular Checkups can identify the concerns of hypertension.

5) It can also lead to kidney failure and can cause vision problems.

6) Reducing salt intake can prevent hypertension.

7) WHO collaborated with Resolve to Save Lives to support the national government.

8) Doctors advise patients to have more vegetables and fruits in their diet.

9) Use of tobacco should be avoided as per experts.

10) It is also known as the silent killer as many people don’t know about it and can’t have its cure.

World Hypertension Day is one of the famous health events celebrated every year in order to promote a healthy lifestyle for the prevention of heart diseases like heart strokes and heart attacks. Heart diseases around the world are the leading causes of death for almost 1 in every 4 deaths. The government, civil communities, and NGOs should work in collaboration in order to raise awareness about preventive measures that should be adopted in life for controlling blood pressure and maintaining the health of the heart which is a vital organ of our body.

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