10 Lines on World Hindi Day

The celebration of World Hindi Day or Vishwa Hindi Divas to promote the use of the Hindi language worldwide Languages are the means of expressing our views, thoughts, and feelings. A language is a medium through which we can communicate with each other. There exist several languages in the world. One of them is ‘Hindi’.

Hindi is the language that is derived from the oldest language, Sanskrit. And the script used is the Devanagari script. Although, it is not a national language of India but is the most spoken language in India. It is considered among the top five most spoken languages in the world. Today we will discuss the celebration of World Hindi Day.

Ten Lines on World Hindi Day in English

Here, I’m providing ten lines on World Hindi Day in the form of sets. It would be helpful for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. It will also be beneficial for students preparing for various competitive exams.

Set 1

1) Every year, World Hindi Day or Vishwa Hindi Divas is celebrated on 10 January.

2) To mark the anniversary of the World Hindi Conference, this day is celebrated.

3) The first World Hindi Conference took place on 10 Jan 1975, Nagpur Maharashtra.

4) This day is celebrated to promote the Hindi language at the global level.

5) On 10 Jan 2006, the first World Hindi Day was observed.

6) Various government and non-government organizations conduct programs on this day.

7) Indian embassies located in different countries celebrate this day with great enthusiasm.

8) To promote this day, many schools conduct activities like essay competitions, poem recitations, etc.

9) The aim of this day is to introduce Hindi as an international language.

10) The World Hindi Day Conference was organized in different countries like the United Kingdom, Tobago, the United States, Mauritius, etc.

Set 2

1) In Norway the first World Hindi Day was celebrated by the Indian embassies.

2) The first conference was inaugurated by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and attended by 122 delegates from 30 different countries.

3) Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, the Prime Minister of Mauritius was the chief guest of the first Hindi Conference.

4) This day is celebrated by the Union ministry of external affairs (MEA) to preserve the history of the Hindi language.

5) Nepal, Mauritius, Fiji, Bangladesh, etc are the countries other than IndiawhereHindi is spoken.

6) In order to mark the importance of this day, the Department of Official Language (Rajbhasha) also organizes several events.

7) Many programs are organized in government offices and schools on this day.

8) The former Prime Minister DR. Manmohan Singh announced the celebration of World Hindi Day in 2006.

9) The theme for the year 2021 World Hindi Day was “New World, New India, New Hindi”.

10) This day aimed to spread awareness regarding the importance of the Hindi language.


Many people consider World Hindi Day and National Hindi Day as the same, but these two days are different. National Hindi Day commemorates the day when Hindi was accepted as an official language of India. On 14 September this day is celebrated and also marked as Beohar Rajendra Simha’s birth anniversary.. It is celebrated within India to honor all the poets and writers who use the Hindi language.

I hope the above-given points on World Hindi Day would be beneficial for you to know the various aspects of this day.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on World Hindi Day

Q.1 Which was the first state in India to adopt Hindi as an official language?

Ans. By replacing Urdu with Hindi, Bihar became the first state to accept Hindi as an official language in 1881.

Q.2 When did Hindi become the official language of India?

Ans. On 14 September 1950, Hindi became the official language of India.