10 Lines on Work is Worship

The proverb ‘Work is Worship’ explains the concept of work which helps in fulfilling the needs and purposes of life. Praying or worship in life is not useful until and unless we work for the service of society as well as nation. Our entire life is full of struggle and difficulties. We have to win the battle of life through our sheer hard work and effort. The best way to live a healthy life in this increasingly competitive world is to stay committed and dedicated to strict work routine as work is the real form of worship.

Ten Lines on Work is Worship in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Work is Worship in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exams as well as in the school competitions. It can also be used during debate competition, speech narration or to write some lies on this topic, etc.

10 Lines on Work is Worship

1) Work is worship is a famous motivational proverb.

2) This proverb signifies the importance of doing work in our life.

3) We cannot survive without doing work.

4) Hard work with full dedication makes us successful.

5) When we do our work with dedication it gives us satisfaction and happiness.

6) We can fight every challenge of life by doing hard work.

7) Hard work helps us in achieving the goal of our life.

8) We should do our work sincerely without fearing the outcome.

9) We get the blessing of God when we do our work with sincerity.

10) People who love to do their work with honesty build a good society and nation.

10 Lines and Sentences on Work is Worship

1) Work is worship is a phrase that implies the value of work in life.

2) We should do our work in the same way as we worship God.

3) Every person needs to do work to fulfill his/her needs.

4) Work can be any either household or official work.

5) Work done with full interest gives us a positive result.

6) Life with no work is dull and boring.

7) Work gives a purpose to life and makes it interesting.

8) Our confidence level rises up when we do our work with dedication.

9) We can face every difficulty of life by doing hard work.

10) The doors of new opportunities are always open for the people who believe in doing hard work.

10 Lines on Work is Worship

5 Lines on Work is Worship

1) This phrase shows the importance of work.

2) It represents love towards our work.

3) Work should be done dedicatedly.

4) Work should be the top priority for everyone.

5) Working honestly leads to success.

20 Lines on Work is Worship

1) Work is worship is a popular proverb that highlights the importance and value of work in our life.

2) The work which is done with honesty leads us to the heights of success.

3) Work is the real form of worship as without work there is no meaning of living a life.

4) Work is the primary key to achieve success, progress and happiness in life.

5) It is believed that people who perform their duties seriously and honestly undergo worship from their heart.

6) Work is the physical and mental effort being carried out in order to maintain the healthy lifestyle throughout the life.

7) Work keeps our mind engaged which ultimately brings satisfaction to our soul similar to worship.

8) Worshipping work will make our mind and soul peaceful.

9) Doing the work effortlessly brings innovative ideas in mind which further improves our personality.

10) All the inventions in the field of science and technology are the result of the hard work being carried out passionately by great people.

11) Work is worship is the proverb which motivates people to work regularly and effortlessly towards achieving their goals in life.

12) Work which is done with a happy, creative and cheerful attitude results in positive outcome.

13) The great scientists, industrialists, sports personalities and social reformers follow the strong work ethic in life.

14) Strict work routine removes the dullness and laziness from life.

15) Great ideas and thoughts are converted into actions by sheer amount of consistent hard work in life.

16) Work is considered to be the greatest form of worship as it brings confidence and salvation in life.

17) People who love what they do perform real worship to the god.

18) Busy man is healthy man whereas idleness leads to lot of problems in life.

19) Work opens the opportunities for the learning and skill development.

20) As per Bhagavad Gita, we should work passionately without getting ourselves attached with its rewards.

10 Lines on Work is Worship

All the goals and achievements in life of famous personalities in the history of mankind have been attained through consistent hard work and patience. The dedication and devotion towards our work not only helps us reach our aim of life but it also gives us strength to face the difficulties of life and gives motivation to other people. If we do our work sincerely then it is the best form of worship to the almighty.

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