10 Lines on Wonder of Science

The present era is the era of science and technology. Technology and inventions are changing the life of every individual on this planet. We can’t imagine life today without smartphones and gadgets as we have become too dependent and reliant over them. The scientific inventions have become an integral part of our life and we can’t imagine life without the scientific and technological inventions. Some of the greatest inventions like electricity, computers, and smartphones have changed civilizations completely over a period of time.

Ten Lines on Wonder of Science in English

Here, I’m providing 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Wonder of Science in form of sets in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. This topic is useful for students of all classes as well as those preparing for competitive exams. These lines will also be helpful for all the curious citizens of India who wanted to know about this topic in detail.

10 Lines on Wonder of Science

1) Modern science has done wonderful inventions in order to make life easy and comfortable.

2) Electricity, television, computers, etc are considered to be the greatest wonders of science.

3) Science is boon to mankind as it empowers a man to carry out the development process.

4) Science has done wonders in many fields like farming, communication, health, and medicines.

5) It has changed our daily lives too by inventing appliances like the refrigerator, T.V., fans, ovens, etc.

6) Science and technology have led to the inventions of wonderful gadgets like mobile, smartphones, laptops, etc.

7) Mankind has become more civilized over a period of time with the emergence of science and technology.

8) Science has invented wonderful medicines using medical science which helps in conquering the epidemics.

9) Science and inventions have led to rapid industrialization solving the problems of employment and poverty in many nations.

10) Pollution, weapons, and unemployment are some of the major disadvantages of science and technology.

10 Lines and Sentences on Wonder of Science

1) Science brings curiosity among the students and improves the reasoning skill.

2) The methods of observation and experiment in science help students to develop the logical brain.

3) The scientific discoveries of Newton, Darwin, and Armstrong have done wonders for mankind.

4) Cars, trains, airplanes, ships, etc are the wonderful inventions which have made traveling faster and comfortable.

5) Mobiles and the Internet are the two great inventions of all times that have changed the way people communicate.

6) Science has led to the inventions of many tools like harvesting machines, tractors, and quality seeds that help farmers in agriculture.

7) Radio, TV, and smartphones are the major sources of entertainment for the people across the globe.

8) One of the greatest wonders of science is space exploration by our astronauts through space shuttle.

9) Science has also led to many dangerous inventions like missiles, nuclear bombs, etc which can destroy the entire world in a fraction of second.

10) The invention of X-Ray, MRI machines, ECG has helped in diagnosing problems of health-related to the human body very easily.

10 Lines on Wonder of Science

5 Lines on Wonder of Science

1) Science makes our life flexible.

2) Science does wonder in every aspect of life.

3) Science helps to invent new technologies.

4) Science helps in the development of the nation.

5) Life is very easier with the wonders of science.

20 Lines on Wonder of Science

1) There are innumerable wonders of science that range from a small pin to a supersized jumbo jet.

2) The wheel is a perfect example of the development of an object through the application of science.

3) The discovery of electricity, from an electric flash to useful DC and AC currents, has only been possible through continuous scientific research and development.

4) One of the greatest inventions of science is the computer.

5) The computers we use today have evolved from the analytical engine developed between 1833 and 1871 by Charles Babbage.

6) The Internet is also one of the most amazing inventions of science and has become an inseparable part of our day-to-day life.

7) Anesthesia and vaccines are two miracles of medical science that have revolutionized medical operations and disease eradication respectively.

8) Science does not develop by itself; instead, it develops through the things to which its principles are applied.

9) Science has made our lives easier and safer and will continue to do so for ages to come.

10) Advancement in science and technology is inevitable and the world will always be full of wonders of science.

11) The thousands of things we use in our daily lives are a gift of science.

12) The invention of electricity led to an incredible change in human civilization.

13) Science has given amazing medicines which give us instant relief.

14) Many vaccinations and medicines have been discovered to protect people from various diseases.

15) The invention of X-rays, Ultrasonography, ECG, MRI, penicillin, etc has made the diagnosis of problems much easier.

16) Now, almost every part of the human body can be implanted by surgery.

17) Science has made our journey fast and comfortable; now we can reach any part of the world within a few hours.

18) Science has brought a great change in the way of communication such as Mobile and the Internet has helped in reducing the distance between people.

19) Many innovations and discoveries help farmers to grow good quality crops.

20) The innovation of printing, typing, binding, online education, etc have given a boost to our education system.

The study of science and technology is a constant phenomena to acquire knowledge. The scientific inventions have a deeper influence on almost every aspect of our life including food, energy, transportation, and communication. Science helps in resolving many global issues and improves the quality of human life. It has also helped us in simplifying our life by various useful inventions.

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