10 Lines on Women Empowerment

India is the fastest growing economy in world with almost half of the population as women. If the nation wants to get in to the league of developed nation then empowerment of women is need of the hour. The women empowerment removes gender inequality and leads to the balanced economy.

Women empowerment ensures the freedom and rights crucial for social and economical development providing equal opportunities of education and employment.

Education has played vital role in removing the barriers of women empowerment like old customs and beliefs, traditions, gender discrimination etc.

In the modern world, empowered women are free to take their own decisions in life and are self reliant. They are stepping out of their homes and contributing equally to the nation.

Ten Lines on Women Empowerment in English

Given below is the ten lines on women empowerment which will help you to know as what is women empowerment, why is empowerment important for women in India, what are the factors contributing to the empowerment of women in India, how does education helps in empowering the women in India, etc.

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10 Lines on Women Empowerment – 1

1) Women empowerment refers to allowing women the power of participation in decision making process of all the fields leading to quality life.

2) Empowerment of women helps them to take their own decision with respect to life and family.

3) Empowering women is the process of making women independent in all the aspects from thoughts, rights, decisions and actions.

4) Women empowerment promotes gender equality in the society and adds to the country’s development.

5) Women empowerment is necessary for the growth of family, society and nation.

6) ‘Right to Equality’ act as per the Indian constitution helps in empowering the women in India.

7) Poverty, illiteracy and violence against women are few of the factors acting as hindrance to the empowerment of women.

8) Women empowerment gives the equal opportunities of employment, education and economical development to women.

9) Education plays major role in empowering women as an educated women can take well informed decisions in life.

10) Indian government has launched various schemes empowering women like ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’, ‘Ujjawala Scheme’, ‘Mahila Shakti Kendras’ etc.

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10 Lines on Women Empowerment – 2

1) Women empowerment helps in improving the standard of life of women in rural as well as metro areas.

2) Women empowerment helps in preventing the cruel crime of female foeticide.

3) It also helps in reducing domestic violence and crimes against women.

4) Women empowerment helps in reducing the gender inequality in the society.

5) The empowerment of women has also brought lot of economic and social gains to India.

6) Women empowerment is important for solving the societal issues like poverty, unemployment and birth control in India.

7) Women empowerment helps in securing the rights of women in India thereby maintaining their social status in society.

8) Women empowerment helps in achieving comprehensive growth meaning growth in each sector and for all the sections of society.

9) An empowered women can contribute to nation building by joining any sector like army, social service, politics, education, corporate sector etc.

10) Government should focus, especially in rural areas, for empowering women as majority of India’s population resides in village. 

Women empowerment is crucial for the socio-economic development of India. Though India is developing nation, there exists huge gender inequality in India. The crime and violence against women is highest in India. The government and civil communities should act together for implementing the programs for women liberation and empowerment so as to make India a progressive nation.