10 Lines on Udan Scheme

Udan scheme is a very beneficial scheme for the middle and poor class people in India. If you want to get information in points, you should immediately read the sets of 10 lines on Udan Scheme that we have created for you and provided below. So without wasting time, proceed to the sets right now.

Ten Lines on Udan Scheme

Set – 1

1) Udan scheme is launched by the Central Government of India.

2) The initiative has been made to provide air travel facility to the common people for a cheaper price.

3) The scheme was started by Union Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju on 21 October 2016.

4) Through the scheme, the government wants to connect small cities of India with airways.

5) The government will reduce the flight fare.

6) Also, it will build airports in many places where airports have not been built yet.

7) Under this regional connectivity, a market-based mechanism will be developed.

8) This will increase trade, commerce, and more tourism expansion.

9) Under this, the selection of airports starts in consultation with the state government.

10) The government is starting the ticket price at just Rs 2500 under this scheme.

Set – 2

1) Udan scheme is a part of the National Civil Aviation Policy,

2) The complete meaning of Udan is ‘UdeDeshkaAamNagarik’.

3) Under this scheme, people can have a journey of 500 km in one hour.

4) Central and state governments and airport operators will provide financial incentives in the form of concession for airlines.

5) This plan will help in the revival of idle airports and commence operation at un-served airports.

6) Five airlines have joined under this scheme.

7) These five airlines are Alliance Air, SpiceJet, Turbo Megha, Air Odisha, and Air Deccan.

8) Under this scheme, all those airports will be active, where the service of the aircraft runs irregularly.

9) While there will be the development of aeroplane service on one side, the service will be more economical for customers.

10) The state government will provide free security and fire service.

Udan scheme can be considered as a beneficial scheme for the common Indian citizen. The business will also be encouraged where air travel will be facilitated from one side. This scheme is for us and we should have complete knowledge about it. We hope that the sets above have benefitted you a lot.

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