10 Lines on Stand Up India Scheme

The Government of India launches various schemes for different sectors from time to time. One such scheme is Stand-Up India. This is a very important scheme. For the complete study of the scheme, we have prepared some sets of 10 lines. You can read them below. Let’s start.

Ten Lines on Stand-Up India Scheme

Set – 1

1) The ‘Stand-Up India’ is a scheme of the Government of India.

2) It had launched on 5 April 2016.

3) This scheme aims at facilitating entrepreneurship among women, scheduled castes, and scheduled tribes.

4) The scheme provides easy financing of loans for these people.

5) Every bank is advised to have at least one SC, one ST, and one woman to provide with a loan under this scheme.

6) The loan is provided based on information taken from the borrower.

7) The borrower needs to be free from any criminal case.

8) The government has also started an online portal for complete information on the scheme.

9) SIDBI and NABARD are the stakeholders of the scheme.

10) With the loan, the borrower also gets a Rupay Debit Card.

Set – 2

1) Stand-Up India was launched by the prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi.

2) Through the scheme, the government has aimed at improving the conditions of women and other backward communities.

3) The scheme provides a loan from 10 lakh to 1 crore.

4) The beneficiary should mandatorily have attained the age of 18.

5) The government of India had started this scheme by distributing 51,000 E-rickshaw on the day.

6) Borrower’s experience in entrepreneurship matters in funding loans.

7) The loan is provided for setting up a new industry or starting a new business.

8) The borrower can apply online through their bank for the loan.

9) Every stakeholder has a different responsibility under the scheme.

10) The scheme is aimed at improving the condition of socially ignored people.

Stand-Up India is a very good initiative of the government of India. It has covered a broad section of society and has helped the growth of the nation. We have provided the sets in very easy language to serve you the best. These sets will surely help you with your projects.