10 Lines on Ubuntu Operating System

Ubuntu is a desktop operating system based on Linux which is very handy and quite useful. Ubuntu comes from a popular parent company Linux which has the greatest contribution in modern technology. Ubuntu is one of the more than 75 active distributions of Linux working in different fields. Although Ubuntu has not gain as much popularity as Windows but it is not less than a pride that 97% Super Computers globally work on Ubuntu because of its security and reliability. There is a lot to know about Ubuntu that we are going to learn through the sets below.

Ten Lines on Ubuntu Operating System in English

The first set of 10 lines on Ubuntu Operating System is provided below.

The set is very useful and will give all relevant information about Ubuntu like its history, facts, statistics and some other information.

The set very easy to read because we have used only simple language to describe all the facts below and we hope that the set will serve the best with its information.

So let’s proceed now.

10 Lines on Ubuntu Operating System – Set 1

1) Ubuntu is an open source Linux Operating System which is completely free.

2) It was officially released on 20th October 2004 for Desktops, Servers and Core.

3) The architecture of Ubuntu is based on Debian and it comprises the Linux server.

4) Ubuntu comes with built-in firewall which sets a good security by default.

5) GNOME Shell is the default desktop environment for Ubuntu.

6) Ubuntu is completely an open source based programme.

7) Ubuntu uses ‘Thunderbird’, inbuilt email software, to access all email features like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail etc.

8) Ubuntu works on customizable GUI and is based on the features of Unix OS.

9) Ubuntu releases new versions in the months of April and October of every year.

10) At the 2005 Linux World Conference and Expo in London, Ubuntu won 'The Reader Award for best Linux distribution'.

Here is the 2nd set of 10 lines on Ubuntu Operating System provided below. The set is very useful and we have provided with some goof information other than those in the first set. The set will you a lot in gaining some information about Ubuntu and clearing all your doubts if you have any. The set is meant to provide the information to younger generation as well because the language of the set makes it handy for every age of reader.

10 Lines on Ubuntu Operating System – Set 2

1) Ubuntu is a Linux based Operating System developed by Canonical Limited.

2) The principle of open source software development is followed as principle in developing all Ubuntu Software.

3) Ubuntu has the greatest contribution in the market of web server.

4) Ubuntu has become the world’s most popular cloud operating system.

5) More than 20% of the web runs on Ubuntu Operating System.

6) The Chinese version of Ubuntu is used to run the fastest Super Computer of the World.

7) ‘Google LLC.’ uses a customised Ubuntu called ‘Goobuntu’.

8) Ubuntu is free and its affordability, Security, Versatility, Efficiency and fast speed makes it a best Operating System.

9) Ubuntu is currently working on more than 1 billion devices.

10) Ubuntu is completely free and there is no registration process for it.

Ubuntu is world’s second most used desktop operating system after Windows. For the user, it becomes little bit complex to understand all its basic features but undoubtedly it is the only operating system with such a huge  range of services and all just for free. For those who trust on security most, we would like to recommend going with Ubuntu Operating System.